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A teacher was a grave stone emerging from Danube

A teacher was a grave stone emerging from Danube

On the basis of the inscription, they began to discover strange family tales.


Due to low water level of Danube, hundreds of tombs have been raised from the river. On one of the above stones, this inscription is read: "Calman Elme, Isza's Szabo, teacher of Cesfefehr, on September 12, 1907, lived 67 years on the dust of blessings and peace."

His story was reported by the Hungarian Museum Portal.

In the nineteenth century, the curriculum was primarily a privilege of man, so it was a challenge for Calvin Elme. The teacher was also working for the year of his death. During his lifetime, he was able to survive in the freedom struggle and at the age of 28, when Etowos Jose José introduced legislation on democracy. According to the information, he taught at Atek Square (later Airsec UK4) primary school (later on Labda Street, today at Paitha Sander Street School), Paste Pare Terrace.

Her husband, Carolie Ellie, came from Folk-Folk family, studied law in Budapest, but according to research she was unable to complete her university. He worked as Chief Operating Officer of the Finance Ministry and was a tobacco sales officer in the Sip Street Tobacco Factory.

Her husband, Sander Eli, became a teacher and singing teacher at Pax Teacher Training School. He organized the Island-Country Schooling Association and, thanks to his excellent work, the Minister of Zoog Etowitz Culture sent a study tour to Bavaria. He struggled to improve the condition of teachers. He was appointed the primary primary school director in Timisoara. Many people knew about the suggestion that they were encouraged to read only the children in the first class of primary school, but only after the writing.

Research has already been revealed that Ilo Szabo and her husband probably did not live together as they had a separate home address. Husband paid his wife 14 years and paid her a woman's allowance, but Elona later resigned. The woman was probably buried in a German cemetery, which was later closed. For protection purposes, tombs were thrown at Danube on the Patoree Bridge.

National Pedagogical Library and Museum will like to be teachers and its memories, so the tomb has been published and part of their collection has been made. Leading firefighters help in professional highlights of the quest. Now the sect is being restored which has become a stone. As it was written:

"He called the nation's day-gods, and the Giza Guardsi teaching was literally lantern, and did not make ornamental memorials for any less educated teachers. This common memory stone reminds him of his work, which is still in the background."

Professionals continue researching, as they still want to answer many questions.

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