Friday , January 27 2023

Apple exports Mac Pro to China from China Business


In the first round, the introduction of the fresh macro mac pro, which was part of the WWDC event, was very divisive, but it was certain that many of the Mac fans were encouraged by the power revealed by Apple.

The Wall Street Journal, however, now knows that the Cupertino team is working out of the United States and China is more likely to cover Mac Pro. In theory, you have already contacted Quanta Computer $ 6,000 to build a Shanghai factory.

This matter is very interesting in question, because Truppe has made a strong statement on Chinese customs, he is ready to give more prizes for products coming from China, which Apple himself has written to the American President.

Of course, the essence of the letter's content is that such movements can have a profound impact on Apple's global marketability. In addition, it has recently emerged that Apple is ready to produce 15-30% of its production in China.

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