Monday , March 27 2023

But he did not succeed in Sisegal in Kselilabada BL


The Sicklord Home Team was a 33-33 alongside the SNNN team in the League 1 Champions League group's eighth round.

A week ago, a team of dance teams took a dance dance. Sagged (29-26).

Dang won the first time in the fourth car in the car accident. But this time the sail shot. Though the players could not beat the fourteenth minute, Schengen was taking up the head of Senthardar. When cyclist and skinnin traveled all the way, the army injured two. Several murders took place near the city of Sege in the 30th minute, the last of which was excluding Hrida (14-15).

The second float started in Szígale, as soon as it fell, Sigurmannsson rvn described. After that, Skjern himself threw himself away, even the efforts of Juan Carlos Pastor did not permit him.

In the 40th minute, Kelmton was expelled from the Sogeet, and Sigo jumped up and Mirzik got a turn. In the lead, the Hungarian team brought the whole world in the 55th minute (29-29). For a moment, Seigo got a big time, a binihaid controversy, and Saigade was restarted for a long time. In past moments, Pastor was 33, 33, 12 seconds before Pastor. Although he succeeded in successive success, he did not even give it one tenth of the 10 doctrine.

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