Friday , August 19 2022

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Spanish Super Amber Bera Berah scored eight goals in the Eighth Ground, while the Kohls handball academy of Durujervas team reached the third qualifying round of the AFF Cup. Klozber Katrin, who was injured in the MK fight against CFK, was unable to stand up to Spain in the match, and Lazlos Gyorgy said that our match will be defeated in the second match.
He tried to achieve his goal in relation to Claudius, and began to complain more seriously than to prove Kocher's penalty. But in the second, we overturned three technical errors, and Bere Bera (2-1) made two quick goals. Our goals scored in the ninth minute. After Symondoni's twin goals in the ninth minute, our team has two (2-4) points in the 14th minute.

The Cohes resistance worked well at this time!

In addition to the immensely defensive scam, we found a goal in the Dunawarawas wall. In the 20th minute score scored again (6-6). A single for the three shows in the series, then the double loss, and unfortunately the hostess unfortunately led. Although Spain's championship can not continue, the opponent may retire at the end of the Duke of the Duke. The brake has 11-10 traits.

After the quarterfinals, the Spanish made some more clarity. Two defeats of the Kohas attack were punished. In three moments three of us are men (13-10). However, Lazarus Gorge's followers did not collapse, but Kasai and grass made a big fight, and in the 39th minute, Kausai wins their opponent (14-14). At this point, the host has been gained twice. But after 16-14, Sirius, Grash and Sasai came home. In the 43rd minute our men (16-17) saw victory.

Luka (eight) scored eight goals. (Images: DO archive)

Kohas used three goals, but Salai and Fernás were able to beat the best time, so the opposite was in the last ten minutes (19-19). Gorogi Laslolo returned eight months later and returned to Orissa. But this time around, two Scouts have taken over the team. In the 57th minute, (20-22) won the win. However, six goals were lost in six games. Goal goals scored two goals goal but did not respond to Deixecca's eighth goals. So DK. At the end of the competition won. However, Spanish champions qualified for the EFFI Cup Third qualifying round (22-23).

Super amara bera bera – DKC 22-23 (11-10)

Dk: Thomas – Cassai 3, Ferencisi 2, Cipher, Nick, Training 8, Grash 2. Transfer: Seso (goalkeeper), Sasai 3, Syrian 5, Boutique, Dumbbi, Molnar, Monorie. Head coach: Lasso Gorgi.

Super Amara Bere Bera (48-41).

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