Wednesday , July 28 2021

Contents – Local – There is already a picture and video of man using gasping in subway 2

Police Doctare published a video and more pictures of the paparic sprayer on the passenger at the station at Caltee Paliovar in the M2 metro on Saturday afternoon. Police officers seek help from a citizen to identify an unknown black man and search for witnesses.

The person using gas spray has left the scene after the incident.

The person using gas spray has left the scene after the incident.

Photo: Police

According to the available available statistics, unknown criminals were provoked with a 13-hour (other male) passenger after a dispute going to the metro station, and the man on record was heard by gas spray after his dispute and then left in an unknown place.

After the train started, passengers smelled gas in a subway car, and many complained about the fuse, so that the emergency alarm was fired. Four ambulance arrived at the scene. Ambulances were provided to passengers traveling in a temporary emergency room at the Puscas Ferrari stadium station.

Twenty people had to check for cough and tears, there was no hospital and no medical treatment needed, all the symptoms were fleeting, Said With MTI National Ambulance Service Communications and PR Head Pell Gyorfei. There was disaster relief with great force.

According to the police, in the middle of approximately 25 years, man is about 160 centimeters tall, with average body weight and dark-haired man, black, gray hawk jacket, black pants, black shoes and black fox dresses, which show as follows:

Due to this incident, the second Metro Deck Square and Ors did not travel for two hours between Wazer Square, and the subway closed the entire line from four o'clock in the afternoon, while the passengers were transported through the transfer bus of that department. Police is investigating an unknown actor as a gangster.

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