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Ferrari was a really impressive force at this time – a qualifying workout analysis



Sunday, June 30, 2019, 00:52 am


Ferrari thanked this year's third starter race for the remarkable performance of Charles Laclac. The young pilot of Monaco defeated Louis Hamilton as the second best time driver, in two-tenths of second, but Ferrari also got more advantage this time too.

259 milliseconds Charles Lacklaker, who won the Polle position, and Luiz Hamilton, who recorded the fastest second in qualifying, is special. Like British Montreal, he once again conceded defeat that Ferrari has had significant benefits on the lines. "Their lines dominate, we can not do anything directly against them, we still have to work on them."

However, this time the picture is more complex. Leckler was the fastest in the first sector with a time of 15,952. Behind him, his teammate, Sebastian Vettel, was on the list so that he could not participate in the third part of the expiration due to automobiles. However, Hamilton's disadvantages are not efficient in the first sector, losing only 0.119 seconds compared to Ferrari.


The second track section comprises three medium speeds with a long part of floor gas. However, Leclerc has also registered the best time here. Ferrari Rookie was the second fastest runner in 27.9 61, Hamilton was slower than 143 milliseconds.

The last field is the most interesting. Last year, Mercedes had dominated the last part of the 4318-meter-long track, which included three extremely difficult mid-tempo bonds with three gas sections, which require better aerodynamic balance. Lecler, if not more, but he could defeat Hamilton here: twice the winner is now taking 37 milliseconds faster than the British.


Hamilton was well placed

Leclar dominates four end-of-the-speed track points. The superiority of Ferrari directly into the line is clear, as GPS data supports. According to Mercedes' criteria, Hamilton lost three tenths of the second, while the velitary boats lost six tenths in a second straight line compared to Lecller. The difference between the two Mercedes pilots is that Hamilton has the shadow of McLarenes from Lecto Norris in the last-time owner. The young British point was an ideal distance for his experienced descendant, with whom Hamilton won all the ways, but the obscure air did not really torment Mercedes W10.

Austrian Podium

For Mercedes, however, the real facial tribunal is that Ferrari proceeded in the corner. When the Italian team was fighting a turn-speed in the past, Red Bull Ring's situation improved. According to the size, in a fast and medium-round round of rolls like roller coasters, Mercedes and Ferrari are almost at the same level, but in the slow turn, the German-British unit car rivals one and a half of the race.

Ferrari's aggressive development program began in the French Grand Prix last week. As the first step of upgrading Upgrade, new front wing, improved break chillers were introduced, and the bottom turnbels were considered for the nose. At the post-qualifying press conference, Leclerc announced that Ferrari was struggling in the front of his car throughout the year, which was a bit better this weekend. I think most of the time in the second sector is due to improvement in the front of the car. "

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