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November 13, 2018 11:29

A discussion started with MSZP and Prbeszd

The European Parliament has not started campaigning, and the opposition has shifted from the way to discuss this topic. When MSZP and Przedb asked for a list, the socialist party Caroline Jeggeli ignored the fraud.

"Is this now flats? Do not we talk to Morgine Jeggle Lo? Lens we?" – These classes were a part of us on the right of the socialist. Merterey Atla says, if Prabze Trelskack could not do anything about it, finally the Master of the Superglue wrote only the MSFP list.

Atila Mestereji said that Garjji Caroli in Budapest was the most helpless, "If cheese is a citizen master scratch, then it needs to be fixed."

The MSZP and President of the Republic of Croatia have decided to include European Union members in the European Parliament. Gerlela Jergali went and realized she would be a Budapest. In the case of Gerlin Karcsony Msnap, the Honorary member said the same thing. Nevertheless, our newly elected member, Sasab Tima, pointed out that the people of the world should support supporting the Jugalists in support of the government.

The MSZP did not want to respond to the final warning and said he would concentrate on the EPC.

This tournament will be organized by MSZP and Prbeszd, and if possible, they will be able to see if they are going to the EP in the next few weeks.

At the other end of the page, Atlanta Mestori, considered the author of the most important art. "The Socialist Party will not have a single party that will not be far away from KT Tutic, Momentum and DK," he said. "The lines of the socialist politician tend to point out very rarely" with our partner, the United States, the opportunity to go to the Fiddle Hall in Britain. "

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