Wednesday , June 23 2021

Hungarian Coca-Cola – change of the leader of the NPI

Prior Kerezsky was appointed as CEO, Hungarian Subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company.

Photo: – Coca Cola

Pastor Kerez Hungary, graduated from general and high school in Brazil. She then earned a bachelor of science degree in the American University of Rimomdom.

For more than two decades Unilever and Dryer Broservice started his marketing and management career, and later he returned to Unilever and became a local brand manager at Domethos portfolio instead of Dryer and Cobainy Vanguage brands. Later he was appointed as the European Innovation Manager. Unilever Hungarian Householes Chemicals Division, Marketing Manager of the Regional Innovation Center.

He was appointed as Marketing Director of the Reset Benignor for the Hungarian and Romanian Market. He then became Marketing Director at Brandrey.

In 2012, he served as the marketing and marketing company of Compania Cervecera de Canarias in Canary Islands for SABMiller / AB-Inbev. Later he returned to a Hungarian visit. Co-owner of the online marketing agency, Experience Ten Cream, and Business Development Director.

The challenge for changing the Coca-Cola Hungary to the world's most popular soft drink company, Full Panel Portfolios, will be challenging. Peter Kresssksk, Managing Director of KIFT, said: A Limited. Minis Agilidis led by mid-2014.

Coca-Cola company has more than 500 carbonated and non-carbonated brands in more than 200 countries around the world.

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