Monday , March 1 2021

In a big match, Kitweat WBA was Intercontinental Champion

The Ferrari Promotion International was organized by the team on Saturday night in Ararad. Twenty of Hungarian boxers were shot dead in a busy sports hall near the Romanian bungalow.

The Market Leader Boxing Company in Hungary organized the second translish ceremony on Saturday, which was screened at the public M4 Sports Channel in Hungary. In Hungary, the main Hungary game is played Kiss Matt Finish Timo Lane, WBO (World Cup Organization), the fastest mid-range mid-range intercontinental title.

In the ten-threaded match, the Hungarian boxer wanted his opponent to beat his opponent in all directions. He tried to get over the course of time, but Kis was well defended, so his opponent could not do any damage. In the eighth round, only the eighth round of Hungarian football fighter improved the heart rate of Hungarian fans. But the bleak of Felix promotions was waiting to announce the final result – the scores were likely to have been in 10 tournaments! His hand was handed well and his victory (13 wins, 0 defeats and 2 draws) won him his first international career.

"I die in all the celebrations that have been celebrated in the past ten days." – Mat Wis told WBO New Intercontinental Champion after the fight.

Coire is now the midweight WBO Midwest Champion (youth) champion Egged Renato (14 wins, 1 defeat, 2 draws)In the eight lights against Ajax, who defeated the Beacon of the Georgian Beacon. Egadi broke into a big header, but fought against the first round of the fight. Several unnecessary and gallant defeats were received. On the other hand, captain of the capital was not disturbed. He did not succeed in victory in the second half of the competition. Egadi defeated the opponent in the fifth and eighth rounds, so there is no doubt about his smooth, unified scoring victory or his legitimacy.

In his professional career, the first cross country match changed Soltan KisspalIn a 6-trip battle against the Bosnian brass Malinois. Kispal intentionally revolves against his physical opponent, all of which are very effective – his contractions and speedy changes. Kyssetset's boxing boxer has won over the scoring scoring.

Felix Promotion International is organizing a kick off this year. The office will be published soon on the date and venue.

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