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Index – Culture – I did not want to be a mayor who says that your son died in the festival


There are many disappointing festivals: after reaching the Belgian festival, they were facing to kill everyone, the BBC writes. Vestivil Hip-Hop festival was held this weekend in Lomel, but the mayor of the city had to stop it by mentioning security problems before it began.

A BBC woman told that after spending hundreds of pounds on the trip, she was not allowed to enter the festival when she came to the festival. Organizer, who described this festival as a form of liberation in music, it was said that the decision was taken after the advice of safety. Along with the audience, one of star stars, Asp Rocky, had problems due to safety, and some details of these problems were later revealed by Meyer's statement. The organizers added that the partners are already being consulted on the compensation.

The 24-year-old Sammy told the BBC that he had talked to South London that he and his three friends had paid more than £ 200 for the tickets, traveled many hours on the ferry, and paid about £ 1,000 for housing; Unnecessarily.

The festival was delayed by roughly half an hour, but no one was allowed. We were all standing at the entrance and did not understand what was going on. Everyone shouted what was going on here

He said, and then added that while Aspak Rocky – who was Headliner like Cardi B, Migos or Ja Rule, posted on Twitter, the whole thing was over: "Westville! I'm not playing tonight associated with the show Due to security and structural problems ".

One of the above mentioned presenters is sure that when the march does not face any mishra, it is not a festival. Joe Rule was one of the organizers, owners and fans of the infamous Fayer Festival, which was the biggest thing in the last decade.

Sammy, who told the BBC, was very difficult to see the terrible crowd, the terrible crowd, only 10-15 became angry with the security and people started breaking their tables.

On Friday, the festival was officially announced that this festival was festoned: With the advice of Aspak Rocky's security head and festival official security service, he saw that the artist or the audience can not guarantee their safety.

The Mayor told the BBC that the conversation was going on since January with the organizers and he expressed his concerns a few days before the event, but he assured them that everything will be done and everything will be right.

"Evening, when he came back, we saw that hard work, but still some vulnerabilities: NO emerges from the crisis, the phase is not secure, and there is a heavy choice available to make about 30 security patrols, but I did not want to be a mayor. The fall or trap of your family in this festival follows that "

Meyer said.

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