Friday , January 27 2023

Index – Tech-Science – Tesco will develop in cash-free, automated stores


In the future, Tesco is planning to run out-of-pocket stores – daily writes Chargedaletel. The new brand retail company has uprooted Trigo Vision Techno-Start to carry out a new shop model and this innovation will allow Tesco to compete with Amazon.

Trigo Vision has already developed a cashless system, like Amazon's GO system, using a virtual basket, using camera and machine learning, can automatically check purchases from shop's entrants. In early 2018, Amazon opened the first unit of new shop concept in Seattle, where the customer enters the shop with the QR code and everything else (payment) is automatically done. This system is likely to use cameras with RGB camera, development sensors and weight sensors on shelves.

According to the latest news, Tesco has planned to introduce the same model. Customers can download a chain application that allows them to automatically pay when leaving the store. However, there is no news about where, when, and how many units will be opened.

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