Monday , January 25 2021

Messi Suarez wins Barcelona

On October 18, FC Barcelona's Barcelona won the Getafe Vendjacken.

Lionel Messi Trassei won 13 pounds in the Championship Championship championships on December 2 and did not get chrome points. In the 20th minute, the squared gold bolle gave a basic tone to MRC.

Luis Suarez and Lional Messi continue to maintain an unstable synthetic compositionFor: AFP / Oscar del Poseo

Arthur got trapped in his breath, took advantage of the Gitaf VLLM biscuit, and Clail Hollowa. In the 38th minute, Luis Suarez also became a glass. Uruguay pushed the Ravidane ball to the right with 18 meters cruel owls.

This season, with DL American buckwheel at La Liga 28 GLLL Junior

First Flid returned to the match with Getafe Angel took a left-handed bead, and the ball reached the KPL, and Jaymu scored the goal.

In another flop, Gataffe felt that Barca was weak and almost the same in the 59th minute, but Landro Cabrera led Mark-André Terre, who was with Steven's LCC Brevepack.

Terre Stageen was the Brovragen RC for BarkFor: Noorphoto / Xavier Bonilla

The Barcelona vaccine dominates its wing and the opposition was sending fine balls to the ball – but its shot was just huge. By this victory, Cutlen team won the tenth atlato on the table against Real Madrid, winning Tea in Madrid.

La Liga, 18th Anniversary:
Getafe-FC Barcelona 1-2 (1-2)

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