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Millions of billionaires by the end of the year – market & profit


By the end of 2013, after the expiry of these savings in December 2013, owners of long-term Investment Deposits (TBSZ) in 2013 can make a decision on the future of billions of billionaires.

The retail savings market is the 31st most important time limit. Until today, they have signed a contract in 2013 with long-term investment accounts that they want to start with their money. According to the National Bank of Hungary, 111,000 TBS agreements ended in 2013.

Picture: Paksabe

Picture: Paksabe

"Since the changes made on August 1, 2013, the tax changes are inspired by the contract wave. The TBS will be charged if the six-month healthcare contract (EOO) account terminates for the first three years. Accordingly, approximately 45,500 TBS deals ended in the summer months immediately before the end of August. Since the value of their total value exceeded $ 600 billion at the end of 2013, it is important to ask whether or not this amount should be used.– said product development manager Arpended Sen in NN Insurance.

Even in a panel is still too late

In the past years, investors in a flat panel have been identified to spend up to 6 percent yield. This investment continues to be profitable. However, despite decreasing yields, it still remains to be maintained even today.

Apollo Sen also pointed out that existing tax exemptions would be particularly important in the saving decisions of those affected by existing repairs. "We understand that the contractual consumer will get strong inspiration from the TBS binding speed in the summer of 2013, eliminating the 6 per cent tax we would have to terminate in three years, which is higher than average economic awareness, if they are more than 1-2 years, He said.

Among investors who invest their money, many people may choose to invest in their long-term money in some other long-term tax-savings savings. This type of savings is also a type of pension insurance. Tax credit of Rs.150,000 per month is available for up to 20 per cent of premiums paid in the basic insurance regime defined under the Pension Act.

According to the survey, the age group of working people usually spend on business weddings, private weddings, and the existing loans will be retrieved within two to five years. During six-ten years, buying a home in a family and buying a house will also be a goal. However, in the long run the investment in the Focus and Deposits changes.

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