Sunday , March 7 2021

Nation law: the Netherlands defeated world champion

Only one match was held in the high-profile A-Division of League of Nations in the evening. But that was a true championship: the Netherlands World Championship was won by Group 1. The Dutch were behind, defeating the Dutch 2-0 World Championship, and Hugo Lorries, who led the winner to victory. They had gone to the B-Demas.

They know that if they do not get French, they will defeat both the Dutch and the Nazis. It was the first time they lost in their hands.

For the first time in the first team, Vinnandam was penalized after the penalty spot. They had the opportunity to go to the hostel, but he did not know, Tenkamp Group's Gunkikli Dentaleen was busy. In the 44th minute defensive tactics went well. But when the defeat of a big defeat, the head of Babel shook his head, losing the ball to the lorry, winner helplessly, and the winner was thrown into a globe.

Instead of developing French Podium in the second round, the Dutch performed better than Glofe. Ronald Keeman failed in the 60th minute when Loris' s courage. Cisco and Dambell did not like the ploy sent but could not bring them into their huts, and the will of the Dutch was still closed.

93 minutes long slipspone, Sisoko Boutassa English British Anthony Taylor passed away and Deale went with great grace.

With a 2-0 win, Dutch cheeses ask if you're sorry if you do not get out of the team in Germany.

In B-class winner, you could have won 2-1 at Wales. Group 1 will be on Czechoslovak Dunk and then in Bennemad. Class X, which includes volunteer voltage, made inside the home of Cyprus Bulgaria. From a Hungarian perspective, this is very important, because one of the worst third-class players in the group continues. In these ranks – in the case of a group, the results of fourth place are not considered – this is the first point of the Cypriots. The Hungarian player has three points. Che Guevara, along with the Norwegians, received nothing. So they lost to the Norwegians. In D-Class, boys were 6-2 in Gibraltron. Chicago FireBus and Jurm Movsesh of US-American Profile (MLS) performed well. The Macedonian team Liechtenstein won 2-0. The first season of this season was the Speed ​​Lewande, Eice Bardi.

Class A:
Group 1:
Netherlands-France 2-0 (1-0)
Glatocks: Success (44), DP (95, 11)
Listed by: France 7 Point / 4 Marks, 2. Netherlands 6/3, 3. Nameless 1/3

Class B:
Group 1:
Slovakia-Ukraine 4-1 (2-0)
(6), Kaka (26), Cerekk (52), Mac (61), Conopplan (47)
1. Ukraine 9 points / 4 misskas, 2. Slovakia 3/3 (5-4), Czechoslovak 3/3 (3-4)

Group 4:
Wales-Dinia 1-2 (0-1)
Mr Beale (89), Jorgensson (42), Braithwait (88)
This is: 1. 7 points / 3 mircs, 2. Wales 6/4, third column 1/3

Class C:
Group 3:
Cyprus-Bulgaria 1-1 (1-0)
Zahuri (24), Dimitrov (89, 11)

Slovenia-Norway 1-1 (1-0)
Green Verby (9), Johnson (85)
Norway 10 point / 5 carat (5-2), 2. Bulgaria 10/5 (6-4), 3. Cyprus 5/5, 4. Slovenia 2/5

Class D:
Group 4:
Gibraltar Ring 2-6 (1-1)
(78), Moissanison (27, 48, 52, 54), Karthassanjan (66) and Kapooran (94)

Liechtenstein-Macedonia 0-2 (0-0)
G. Bardi (53), Nestorsky (91)
Killed in death: Wiezer (50, Liechtenstein)
Macedonia 12 point / 5 carat, second round 9/5, 3. Gibraltar 6/5, 4. Liechtenstein 3/5

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