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Newcastle, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are submerged


We do not win matches from the last section of our Barcelona series, it has reached third place in the ranking of our editorial board's Champions League. Real Madrid and Bayern Muchen are not able to brilliantly break, both myths are submerged – Dortmund striker Atacoco Madrid has pushed them back.

Real Madrid defeated Iber as a Hand Break (Photo: AFP)

16. (16) Rome (Italian)
Out of the Italian tribes of four bell participants, "weroes" are the most ridiculous of the season, but as a result of the defeat against CSZK, Eusebio de Francesco's team can hope for a spring break. Of course, you will not be in the hands of the trainer: The defeat against Udinese will shake the winning band. But BL is a different pasta and now if it is possible to catch real Madrid? In any case, the Romans already have a draw to make it, but as we wrote, so far the whole picture is something to bring beauty.

15. (15) Tattenam Hotspur (English)

Highlights in week

… so both teams are on our list
21:00: Roma (16th) – Real Madrid (9th) (TV: M4 Sport)

21:00: PSG (6.) – Liverpool (4) (TV: M4 Sport)
21:00: Tottenham (15th) – International (11.) (TV: Spíler2)

Sprans themselves need to pull themselves out of the hole in BL, but in any case, the form encourages: North London can come out with Chelsea champions, with their most impressive performance in the season. If Tottenham beat the last Inter Milan, he has won the last five hurdles, he will score with the Italian team's score, and he will have to make the final step in the final round in Barcelona.

14th (14th) Porto (Portuguese)
"Dragons" is waiting for his last guest, Shalkat, which is moving forward – and possibly balance with the rest for a successful show. From our last list, they are BL at the top. Win the match, beat their big domestic opponent Bragata, and then went to the Portuguese Cup later this weekend. Their security did not lose their power (these balls only entered their door once), their victory chain is already eight, and in fact, there is no tragedy if the Wednesday night is blocked.

13. (11) Manchester United (English)
If they want a bad thing, they should be able to see Manchester United – at least the actual penalty for all fans of the Champions League against Crystal Palace … United is only the seventh in the Premier League Premier League, if Jose Mourinho's team paper format Young boys draw against them. Given the shape of the MU, drummer rarely has anything to block in the last round against Valencia.

12. (13) Ajax (Dutch)
They took points against Benfica, then won two champions, and against Excelsior they did not stand for seven goals – is surprised that a place has again been on our list? It seems that this season, Amsterdam can firmly enforce compulsory functions and – in light of the absence of two months – the AIK Athletic Score on Tuesday is something like this. Class-Jan Huntler has an option for the past few weeks – the other question is that after a long time, he scored a league goal, indicating that the reserve is full.

Weekly Program: Round 5
18:55: Aike Athens (Greek) -jax (Dutch) (TV: Spíler2)
21:00: Bayern München (German) – Benfica (Portuguese)
Group F
Hoffenham (German) – Shahtar Donek (Ukrainian) (TV: Spíler2)
21:00: Leon (French) – Manchester City (English) (TV: Spíler1)
Group G

CSZKA Moscow (Russian) – Victoria Plzen (Czech) (Czech)TV: Spíler1)
Rome (Italian) – Real Madrid (Spanish) (TV: M4 Sport)
Group H.

Juventus (Italian) – Valencia (Spanish)
Manchester United (English) – Young Boys (SWITZERLAND)
A group
Atlático Madrid (Spanish) – Monaco (French) (TV: Spíler2)
21:00: Borussia Dortmund (German) -FFC Bruges (Belgian)
Group B
PSV (Netherlands) -Barcelona (Spanish)
21:00: Tottenham Hotspur (English) – International (Italian) (TV: Spíler2)
Group C
Napoli (Italian) -Cravena Zawzda (Serbian)
21:00: Paris Saint-Germain (France) -Liverpool (English) (TV: M4 Sport)
Group D
Lokmovicky Moscow (Russian) -Galatsaray (Turkish) (TV: Spíler1)
21:00: FC Porto (Portuguese) – Skelek (German) (TV: Spíler1)

11th (10th) International (Italian)
The draw against Barcelona is to do a lot with Inter: Luciano's Spallet form in London is on the way to a comeback, and it can withstand the touch from BL (and power ranking) with tie. After the defeat of Catalan in Bergamo, the Milan team was surprisingly lost (1-4), but the weekend was restored against Frosin and won 3-0 for Miranda, Percyc, Vesino and ICDI. Also (who do not talk about Brosovic is banned). So Mercury Interbank is stronger, on Wednesday it comes out that this is a great match for Chelsea's Spurs form.

10th (12th) NAPLES (Italian)
Naples was not as a year ago plan – watch the latest match against Sunday's domestic match against Chevy – but the defense is good under Carlo Ancholty's hand. The two blocks against PSG show that the blue is dangerous for everyone – especially because they scored twice – and in the Belgrade ranks, the pool made my hemnik very difficult in the group. On Wednesday, against Craye Zawazada, however, one more point is not allowed because Liverpool will not be a Naples flag.

9. (8) Real Madrid (Spanish)
So, the magic of Solaris so far … – Poor, painful or harmful people by a party, after the royal guards defeated another sneaky at the end of this week, this time Ibert was given an unexpected but unreliable fifteen-minute reputation. The Argentine finalists, who have become "stubborn" in recent times, are slow to believe that La Liga has lost them, it is the main hunting destination for the Champions League. Of course, this is publicly declared in Real Madrid, but what is serious about defending title title, it will be announced shortly. How do you know? Reinforcement in the winter And if there was not enough trouble in the club, then the seragio was mixed with Ramos Doping. The branch sometimes draws the king …

8. (7.) Barren Munchen (German)
There is no exaggeration to say that Niko Kovac's status is against Benfica against the Bavarians. If Germany does not win on Tuesday, then it is high probability that the Croatian trainer will not be on the bench on weekend champions. Fans are getting increasingly overwhelmed, and the team gets many goals, and the game shown is a little fun. There is a lack of team in the team, and if regular players do not assemble themselves as soon as possible, then they can spend a lot later.

Robert Levandosky is not satisfied with the match against Desdelforff – but BL can already be ahead (Photo: AFP)

7. (9) Atelic Madrid (Spanish)
This week's general, not a great progress (this is said) for the Spanish soldiers in the NSO stronghold, and the Diego Simeone coach did not win the championship at the weekend winner from Barcelona – otherwise, Simon's team was unable to defeat the top manager. With an acting that sparked Barcelona in 90 minutes, success was achieved. Previously, smaller teams were censored by Atlatlano, but they were always absorbed by the leaders, and when they did not parade in any way, they showed a successful completion. But today, neither beauty nor result, something very absent from AM Goalkeeper is world class and conservation is significant (Diego Gaudin, Juanfren and José Gimenez are injured), and we saw the legendary combination of midfielders with many ongoing and technical players (Coke, Soul Nugues, Rodríz and Thomas Lammer), Diego Costa, Antonini Gryzmann Is there. Double World Wide Keyboard is fabulous. However, is it missing for big success other than blood carriers? You want to know Simon

6. (5) PSG (French)
From our last match, we have won more champions without two goals, now Paris has 14 matches, in the league of 14 leagues – how wonderful these numbers are! At the same time, it is not something valuable … Paris, who has been uninterrupted in the French championship, welcomes Liverpool on their back on Wednesday, because she knows that the defeat will bring a dark shadow in their season. Draw will also not be a relief. Thomas Tuchelle's Chief Coach Niemer and Killian Moebeppe encouraged fans with disappointing recovery and compensation in Paris, not excluding Danny Elves's long-term deployment. In the absence of any meditation on the team in Wednesday, one can not afford their second.

5. (6.) Borasia Dartmund (German)
Although Black and Yellow of Atlottova Madrid were temporarily removed, we can safely say that the team of Lucien Favre continued after the break for the national team, where he had already left. At BL, almost on the threshold of this step, the guard still protects her suspension in Bundesliga. The team is at the same time, the game shown is OK, and that man is increasingly experiencing everything that is provided for big season for Borussia.

4. (4) Leverpole (English)
After the shock of Crave's Zawzada, Fluham and Watford championship was defeated by Liverpool and without key victory in the key Group Manager against GSG and without a target. There will be a week's time that can affect the full season of the pool: If the team of Jürgen Clovis is out of Paris, it will not be at the end of the final sides, and the expected hardcore battle will be followed by the City Derby in the Premier League. If these two matches are over, then there will be a long (even strenuous) long march in December.

3. (1.) Barcelona (Spanish)
He had unexpectedly strong opponents against Catalan Gigas, who hit his second place in Seville at his home, but lost 4-3 at Atlantico's home before leaving the basel. After abolishing La Liga, the good news is that Lionel Messi returns, Osman Debele's Aleccio's unbeaten criticism, Rafina's bad goal, but with Saggy Roberto and Luis Suarez Stagey, Jasper Silesen, Thomas Vermelen and Arthur can not be used. Rafinha is poorer than the rest of the summer, there is no success in Einhausen. However, we believe that BL-Golden is one of Barcelona's most anticipated players, it is true that it is unreliable in autumn.

2. (3.) Juventus (Italian)
Manchester United had eliminated the seasonal turmoil of Turin, but the result was not matching to Jose Mourinho's ego, but there was a chance of playing Juventus as per the game's appearance and form. At the same time, the result of a clash with the leader of the group is that "elderly woman" needs to take action against Valencia as seriously as possible. Imran Kane and Sammy Khedira can not be deployed, but the young midfielder has not been so much, and the nominated post-injury return for the team was a good thing for the team. Croatia made SPAL in the semi-finals of the match against Milan, and the Georges Chile came from the benches only, but he was wearing the captain's armband. She is strong like her club.

Manchester City won the second leg of the game BL (Photo: AFP)

1. (2.) Manchester City (English)
Again, Pap Guardiola is at the top of the list, and it is not surprising that he has won the last 8 odds and left three goals in the last three goals. Here is the football lex, there is a potential financial fairs game, Manchester City's performance is beyond the reach of storms. Leone's defeat today should be "defamatory" by the city.

A group state
1. Borussia Dortmund 4 3 1 8-2 +6 9
2. Atlantico Madrid 4 3 1 7-6 +1 9
3. FC Brugge 4 1 1 2 6-5 +1 4
4. Monaco 4 1 3 2-10 -8 1
B Group State
1. Barcelona 4 3 1 11-3 +8 10
2. International 4 2 1 1 5-5 0 7
3. Tottenham 4 1 1 2 7-9 -2 4
4. PSV Eindhoven 4 1 3 4-10 -6 1
C group state
1. Liverpool 4 2 2 7-5 +2 6
2. Napoli 4 1 3 4-3 +1 6
3. Paris SG 4 1 2 1 11-7 +4 5
4. Red star 4 1 1 2 3-10 -7 4
D-Group State
1. Porto 4 3 1 9-3 +6 10
2. Shalck 4 2 2 4-1 +3 8
3. Galatasaray 4 1 1 2 3-3 0 4
4. Democrat Moscow 4 4 2-11 -9 0
E-Group State
1. Bayern Munchen 4 3 1 7- 1 +6 10
2. Ajax 4 2 2 6- 2 +4 8
3. Benfica 4 1 1 2 4-6 -2 4
4.EK Athens 4 4 2-10 -8 0
F Group State
1. Manchester City 4 3 1 12- 3 +9 9
2. Leon 4 1 3 9 -8 +1 6
3. Hoffenham 4 3 1 8-9 -1 3
4. Syner Donck 4 2 2 4-13 -9 2
G Group State
1. Real Madrid 4 3 1 10-2 +8 9
2. Roma 4 3 1 10- 4 +6 9
3. CSKA Moscow 4 1 1 2 4-7 -3 4
4. Victorian Playboy 4 1 3 3-14 -11 1
H-Group State
1. Juventus 4 3 1 7- 2 +5 9
2. Manchester United 4 2 1 1 5- 2 +3 7
3. Valencia 4 1 2 1 4- 4 0 5
4. Young boys 4 1 3 2-10 -8 1

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