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Since 2019, 5G smartphones can come

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Huawei Technologies has announced that it has partnered with two telecommunications service providers worldwide for 5G sales networks, and there are 50 more providers to test 5G networks.

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) in London has resolved its new solutions that will help service providers to start 5th commercial use, and will announce that the first 5G smart bandwidth smartphone will be available after 2019. According to Huawei, the development activities of 5G were greatly increased by the fact that the first users of the network will be ranked in the world's largest countries, accounting for one-third of the world's population.

In his speech at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, President of Huawei's Managing Director Ryan Ding and Huawei Carrier Business Unit said that the fifth generation (5G) mobile network technology will create a new era in infocommunications: ten times the network connections and so far unprecedented opportunities in the mobile industry. 5G will provide broad bandwidth for families, and it will also provide super-speed speed and ultra-low latency, which can completely transform professional models and make excessive commercial value for service providers.

According to Ryan Ding, senior service providers take interest in using the 5th sooner, because the first time, Ultra Fast networks will benefit from the use. The speed of 5G is due to two reasons: First, it will be the first major user country, accounting for one-third of the global population – so the spread will be faster than 3G and 4G. The other main point of development is the tools: 5G smartphones with curved display 5G phones will be available in 2019, which will give them a whole new experience. After commercialization of 5G networks, lead phone manufacturers will soon introduce cheaper devices (about $ 100), 5G and industry-driven businesses will accelerate the spread, Dinge stressed.

Huawei has also introduced the latest solutions in London, which will help service providers start commercial use of 5G. Huawei Antennas Matrix Solution (heavy MIMO) is the world's most lightweight and least active antenna unit (AAU), which is strong enough to work reliably at the time of 15 typhoons. Current antenna mounting locations – poles, frames, towers – already in crowded, the Huewei 1 + 1 forces the simplified antenna solution, which saves little space and thus reduces rental rates of telecommunications operators to antenna site owners. Huawei also offers a so-called uplink and downlink decoupling solution that provides coverage for simultaneous 4G and 5GC bands.

In addition, the company's creative 5G display and microwave solutions help service providers create fast and easy 5G networks at a lower price. The company uses the benefits of artificial intelligence to adjust the management of telecommunications networks and reduce operating costs.

According to Ryan Ding, 5G is already in many places and customers recognize the company's leading 5G solutions and innovative products. "Duties say more than words," added Ryan Ding. – Huawei has signed an agreement with two telecommunications services providers to build a 5G network and has cooperated with more than fifty providers in commercial 5G tests.

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