Sunday , August 7 2022

Suckens Ferrar City Portal – Jubilee Goal World Winner in Volga


Home field Feathers AV was 19 against Dornbirn. Seasonal season for the Austrian team in the second season was a good start but Volga was very excited about the final. Finally, the Belarusian goalkeeper won five goals and defeated Zack Philips Ebel 25000.

Dornbirn started the season with four wins, then started in Whitefield, went out deeply … Now the two teams have been trying to improve after three defeats, and our men have succeeded. After the second free kick, Dornybrin continued to the second position: raid gate was trapped in the cross. Volcano was difficult to go, and a third third third shocked the opponent, and the donor increased it for two hours.

Saik Phillips has been pulled out of the third and third place with the lowest gain of hawke jerpenpiece team. Volga had great pressure. Finally, Thikkannan was victorious about three and a half minutes later. Volgaon was not satisfied only five seconds earlier to double the last bronze filles, where he won for the team. In addition, the EBEL story has become a result of a 25,000 regular season.

Jubilee goal secures three points and Ferrarvar is fast bowling with rivals. Currently ranked eighth.

Feharvar AV19 – Thorburbar Bulldogs 3-2 (0-0, 0-2, 3-0)

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