Friday , March 31 2023

Thanks a lot to thank you for the "concerns", but this will never be a nightmare!


He beat the PAOK in the Guatemala Arena, and he went to Finish (Photo: Miklus Sabo)

Let's start with the fact that the second match of the two teams is almost full at Groupama Arena. Ten years later, there were not many chairs left (there was less of the guest sector). In the 2014 tournament, 17,000 participated in the stadium. The team also came to the conclusion that the team was not included in the Ferrandwara team.

It still needs high quality international football matches in Hungary, and if a star is a rival Chelsea, it will be in illo road in December. On the other hand, one of the football-loving Hungarian audiences is an important lesson with major prominent Hungarian teams that can reach the European Football Tables. Just like the HDC's matches in Budapest earlier in Budapest, Vid's L meetings were not just fans of the team but also came from Saisefeharwer.

Most professional professional texts: VDi's Thessaloniki in Budapest, from the last minute to discipline, effective complexity and the most important – the highest level of attention and budgets (the Hungarian team has won the first team from Group Rounds to European Main Board).

When asked by captain Marko Rossi on Thursday's Thursday match, PAOK could not show anything strange because he was not allowed to leave the Greek. Italian midfielder is already defensive, one or two controversies, predicting the winner can win regularly, this summer's coach Gregorian Malonov.

Marko Nicolux After the headquarters, two successful tricks of the audience came out. In the European Venue, the best-performing teams in the paper are able to match the opponent's slogan and find ways to gain corners, free kicks, and contractions. Even the Greek journalists were amazed at the answer to their question – the seasonal surgeon was surprised by the PAO's defeat (almost twenty meetings) of all competitions this season, and now there will be no more room for rivalry.

Winner has scored six points in both games. Pre-group matches in the group stage did not have positive optimism or optimism. For example, one of the home news sites before the first round, "Videocon in a helicopter Europe: Is this a dream mission?"

In 2012, six points have already made a group record for the Polo Soca Videoton and two other Hungarian games. The announcement of the team's head, Danko Lasovico, was still unexpected, but Juhasz's rollout ended. If there is not much difference between championship matches and international meetings, the master team is playing a compulsory race, the same as yesterday's game. He says of the protection of his grandmother, that Greeks are just a single shot, just overtime, because the Heinian Champion is stronger.

With the Happy, BATE, Chelsea, this football can actually be made!

GROUP sheet, ROUND 4
L can be grouped
See Mol FC-PAOK (Greek) 1-0 (Malanov 50.)
Group Arena, 17 208
Views V: Pashto (Turkish)


State of the L-group
1. Chelsea 4 4 6-1 +5 12
2. See Molo FC 4 2 2 3-3 0 6
3. PAOK 4 1 3 4-5 -1 3
4. Bate Borisov 4 1 3 4-8 -4 3

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