Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Index – Economy – has taken over the Mesoscos and Balletoorte Group

Cassam Investment and Asset Management is owned by the Balti Group owned by Baltanshurst Group. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

A month ago, McCloss Lawrence's Conseent Investment and Asset Management P.CC published the results of the first semester on the stock exchange website this year. As a result, the group closed the record breaking record, the equity rose rapidly in the first year, and by the end of June it crossed 58 billion phones.

When a recent decision made by the Commerce Plc director Board of Directors, the corporation plc would pay 3 111 396 shares for private placements of 977.29 million, if the board of directors of the corporation board agreed to the value added ownership of the shareholders. The Baltoentorist group of BTT is fully integrated into Cosmos Plus.

The board of directors approved Connemium Pay Private Corporate Fund's stock market capitalization at 9,677 billion for Connor Namri. Contributing contribution to 30,809,580 new shares of private participation is provided, "he said.

The capital increase is now part of the Transaction Series announced in December 2017. After the Hangzhou Hotels Hotel, after 18 overseas domestic and 5 overseas hotels, it is owned by the stock exchange company Balatonrarist Group. Accordingly, the shares of the board of tourism portfolio, Kosam, will be the value of new shares at the fixed exchange rate of December 11 in the last shares. That is it.

Balatarotist and his own campaign campaigns were conducted. In the 2018 season, 10 companies and guest houses are located in the Lake Ballet, with 1,715 billion installations.

Kansam PCC is the largest lodging facility in Hungary. After completing the transactions, the goal of the management of the company is to coordinate professional management of companies on campus and acquire expenditure reductions and opportunities for the group. About 88.43 percent of the publication in the publication of the stock exchanges recently revealed that 64.44 percent of tourism is from tourism.

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