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The whole Dunnah and the whole of Europe will be abandoned


Durham House wants to become a key player in the European monetary market, and therefore seeks more opportunities for acquisition across Europe, ranging from € 2 million to 20 million euros.

DaiHouse co-CEO Guy Davisshi (pictured) was unwilling to understand that in November 2016, the company had entered the Budapest Stock Exchange. At the same time, he believed that the current exchange rate of their shares did not reflect the actual value of the company – the closing stock of Tuesday's stock is 3660 forts – MTI quotes.

In the first half of 2018, the company's interest rate, tax payer and pre-incase (EBITDA) margin is 1.4 billion. In addition, the share price did not significantly influence the price increases in dividend payments or mice acquisition.

He also wanted to focus on search for the company and new markets. The franchise network has now begun in the Czech Republic and this is to work to develop the franchise system in Hungary.

Major developments

The company's deputy general manager Ferrette said, "The company has now expanded on November 6, the Polish subsidiary of the Duna House Group, to purchase the Metro House franchise SOL from Polish Gold Finance SNO. Credit intermediate. Hyundai Finance will provide $ 637 billion loan. This can be considered equivalent to all the drainage groups in Houston and Poland. The importance of taking over Fergeng Munde has been taken into consideration.

Until 2023, Dorothy Davis, another co-CEO of the group, announced the expansion of the family home allowance (Boutus), the most important shift in the Hungarian Real Estate Market, retaining the government subsidy and maintaining a 5% fledged bid for housing saving funds. It was reported that the growth and flowering of flowering plants had been made a positive development. The first is the expected increase in loan portfolio, the uncertainty in the second market. He added that companies are encouraging the development of new money generating products.

Danielle Schilling, the CEO of the company, has been spotted with the goal of analysts. The Group believes that the Concord Securities Certificate has agreed to pay the price of the 4751 phone and the current price of the shares.

The Duna House's shares have traded in the premium section of BSE since November 11, 2016. Last year's highest level was 4340 forurists. The lowest rate is 3360 foreigner.


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