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This Hungarian car goes like a Porsche, but the family gets involved as well


The MGA has never made the Mercedes-AMG A45 as fast and fast as in the Cuckskimt, but it's true that it fools you, but the engine is the only expert in the world. Germany.

CLA45S4MATIC + s A45S4MATIC +. Same twin with the same technician but a slightly different cluster. The CLA is better elastic and has boot space, but it's heavier and a bit smarter. Click on the picture, the gallery opens!Source: Mercedes-Benz

Exactly 20 years ago, AMG allowed themselves the A-Class to build a 38-engine twin-engine, 250-liter wing, scoring a total of 4, 1-1 of which went to Hokkien and Kluthard.The first A-Class was good for everything, not just for sports cars, Second, which was always the sandwich floor, that is, the high pts did not take the initiative to develop the AMG variant, but the third, very low pts generation, however, did everything, probably too much.

One truck has a crisp nose 45 compared to the rest of the A-Class. You can read more about this in AboutSource: Mercedes-Benz

Girl's Mercedes Picture Exhaust, Baseless, Impossible A little shiny with a pop of 45 AMGFirst on 360, then 381 larvae, Classified as corpse in class. The AMG company has reduced the average age of its launch and, due to the huge success (double the planned sales volume), the success deal cannot be made.

Optical tuning remains subdued and will not bring any appearance to the airSource: Mercedes-Benz

Serious and evolving

On the other hand, like the fourth generation active AMG, there is a golden age for college college studentsStrict repeat, more serious in appearance, Young, but again business like kvntetten kvnt music. Evolution is the same as the twin model CLA: after a slightly embarrassing first generation, the active generation has finally become a peaceful shaped coupe limousine.

The CLA 45 is taller and more elegant. Rear print and tire are wideSource: Mercedes-Benz

The CLA is built solely in Cakesmith, even in the A-Class, and the AMG version – which comes with Filterback's mid-range engines is nowhere near as obvious. On race day near Madrid, we were informed by the authorities and our cells were confirmed,All A 45 s CLA 45 Kecskemten Kszl. One reason for the obsession.

Two liters or more, nobody brought that much

Red Fifth saddle, 19 wheel, mm૦ mm TMRJ instead of mm૨ mm TMRJ k kg AMG inscription only S is obtained, BR PR may be publicly assigned to the base.Source: Mercedes-Benz

See the dry facts. Mercedes-AMG A45 C CLA 45 S 421 lbs is currently a light cylinderThe world's largest liter, Syrian petrol engine in the world. In the simplified version it is "only" 387 Lars and 480 Nm instead of 500 Nm, but it is stronger than the senior model. Of the 45 engines, only PR screws were purchased, and all were good upgrades.

We rotated the engine

Nanoslide technology, which is known in motorsport, contributes to the aging and performance with reduction of srlds. The A35 AMG's engine was rotated 180 degrees, mainly because of the design, because they wanted a smooth, thin-nosed lower-powered engine.

On the flip side, though, the engine doesn't pay off the traditional layout, so that side is now flushed, which in theory results in better airflow, but the turbo-charged turbo downhill problem, in turn, should be routed under short exhaust and engine. Fighting is also a great point. The cylinder head is provided with a coolant, in some cases powered by a mechanical pump, capable of delivering twice as much water as the basic Class A.

The Alcantara board is very good at catching athletesSource: Mercedes-Benz

The new 8 gear has a double clutch. Luckily, at low speeds and fine maneuvers, there is nothing to backfire, the car can swing nicely, and it won't jump over the goats while parked. The shift is virtually complete without interruptions in printing, and the switching time is shorter than the normal A-Class chassis.

Headgear front ends are good, but the rear is hard to come bySource: Mercedes-Benz

You know more about the 4MATIC skateboard than the big ones, which only provided thermal prints when the front wheels were slipping. Here, 50-50 percent is available every month, but the distribution of output is constantly changing depending on the situation. There's a difference film before, but no, but there's a lot of clutter working together, soThe print distribution between the two rear wheels can vary from 0-100 percent. Of course, there's also an auto toe start, the A45 runs S3..9 ms, the CLA S45 S and the smoothed A around 45 ms around.

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