Saturday , June 10 2023

This week the Hungarian market was rewarded


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The stock index of Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) continued to steadily steadily in the upcoming stages. The rupee closed 38 paise higher on Friday. The stock exchanges of the last three weeks have ended.

After three days of trading weekly, HUFF sold a turnover of $ 33.37 billion to $ 131.58 billion. The major shares rose this weekend. On Monday, the Hungarian stock market was good, as was the bulletin index on May, similar to the German DX Index, the negative markets were the negative side.

The rector performed the best performance in blue chips. Sales turnover is double the average turnover in recent months. On Tuesday, the books were fewer in today's turnover. According to analysts, according to analysts, last week, the report published last week shows that profits have increased sharply in the last five to ten days. On Wednesday, there was a good mood in the market, they were positive about the US midterm election results. The three major American stocks that started Wednesday are from 1% of Indian insurance. There was a good mood in Europe. Western European exchanges closed at 1%. All blue chips in the Hungarian stock market were strong. The BSE benchmark opened on Wednesday. Companies such as Ricker and Myar Telecom have been upgrading the day after publishing their flash report. In the case of pharmaceutical paper, expectations were not behind sales, and in effect, the telecommunications company had mixed pictures, and the two papers lost. Friday has a small profit, trading is much higher than average turnover, and experts say the risk is for a stock.

OTP was published Friday on the third quarter results, which was more favorable than the expectations of analysis. However, investors had maintained profits earlier, so the OTP exchanges dropped due to their profit on Friday. It was 7.77 per cent in the corresponding week of 2010. It was 11,100 foreigners on Friday. The turnover was $ 87.66 billion. Molecular stock jumped to 2.40 percent this week. On Friday, 3078 units of turnover and its turnover of 16 billion phones.

The reactor prices increased by 1.31 per cent. On Friday, production of 5400 was started. The turnover was at $ 15.72 billion.

Magyar Telecom hiked 3.07 per cent this week. On Friday, close to 403 phones, the turnover of 2.5 billion dollars.

The Sensex finally ended with a gain of 27.80 points or 0.76 per cent at 3698.78 points after fog on Friday afternoon.

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