Saturday , April 1 2023

This year, Ramweed paid $ 150 million in damages


This year, 3884 rag patches were found. A total of 6548 hectares and 150 million fine were impounded. Director of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (NID) said in Budapest this year.

Zisaba Gyurcía said that it is bigger than last year. But the center aims to increase the size of the identified locations.
Public Interest Protection Order In 4070 cases, the consumer ordered 3652 hectares and 2136 cases (2322 hectares) of land offices.

Hungary continues to be among the most infected countries in the European Union. Defense against weeds is indispensable for the destruction of agriculture and health.

The loss of 1.5 million hectares of maize and sunflower by loss of crop yield due to the rueud. Gurzissa Cisaba said that 40-50 billion foreign funds were damaged. The Director General of NAIK said that European Union Funds have introduced a joint project titled Joint Ambrosia Action, funded by Austrian Burgenland and Gas Moson-Soapron County. While the border between the two countries was on the border, the raid attack in the Austrian province was high in Hungary.

Sisu Garrixi says that these aggressive weeds are not completely destroyed. However, this should be widely spread and smooth. The center aims to increase the size of the identified locations. He said the helicopter will use drones in future for exploration.

Tamaz Ziyagi, a air pollution expert at the National Public Health Center (NNC) said this year's ragging, Two weeks earlier – already in June – the season started. There were three symptoms of symptoms. At the beginning of August, the excess was absorbed.

Experts say that there are 20 metric stations in the country and the Pollution Control System can be used to calculate load connection every day. He said In Hungary, one million people are affected by allergies that have been raggedAccording to a survey, ninety percent of the people know the information created daily.

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