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Velvet – Rubber Sugar – When I got my first testosterone injection, I grew up


It was a coincidence that at the time of admission, I came to Lupa Beach at the Boo-Yoo-Tuffey Beach Party at the same time. Until we did not know each other personally, but I knew that it would be one of the celebrities taken from the live library, who was committed to talking about self-acceptance, self-love, transgender. Alex was involved in this subject: Day and night in Budapest was also a lesbian girl Emma, ​​Lesbian girl. But in the last December, he announced on his YouTube channel that he felt he was a real boy.

Inside, we dissolve and dissolve on the day of the conversation, and I became the first to hire a live library and soon we sat in the beach on the table to talk half an hour. The following were listened to.

What did you learn, where you were born, what have you done so far?

I am 24 years old, in Budapest, with root origin, I was born here, I grew up here. I went to a dramatic school, I was an actress, but after some time she got stuck. I had to play many heterosexual characters, and as a lesbian I did not really want to identify with kissing boys and others … Of course this is just a role and I can play it, but I did not want to do it for a long time. If I have seen a series or a movie, I can never put myself in a girl's character, but I used to play the boy's character, but I could not play boys as a girl. Lesbian roles are rarely seen, especially in theater performance – Night and Day Budapest got me, but I got the chance.

How did you get into Daydream in Budapest and how long have you been on the screen?

I was already in the database and my friend worked there and said that there would be a bisexual character. I went to the rehearsal, got a role. After spending almost half a year in the night and day in Budapest I, as a girl. I am playing Emma who is lesbian and comes together with a woman who gave birth to her husband and baby.

Did you know about the street during this period?

It was …

Was it bad?

No, amazing! I had to leave for a holiday in Herakni, went to a tobacco shop, a woman working there and looking at me, "You were before in the apartment with Simon in Budapest! Are there other people here?"I did not tell you, I'm on vacation … basically if you know the street, you can not reduce your character, you can not say"I do not have it"- This was funny situation.

How do you see when you lived as a lesbian girl?

I think I was a boy in my life, but I did not understand that. When I came out as a lesbian girl at the age of 14, I could not identify with Lesbian. I did not see that I was a girl with girls but I always felt that I was a man with the girls. In my relationships, I feel like human beings – so I always feel like an outsider in lesbian society. I do not even like to say that I was a lesbian – I said that I was gay or I like girls.

When do you think you are not lesbian?

At the age of 21, I saw a girl in front of each other with a collage in one Insta post and a girl. It was signed "one year of testosterone". I checked and could not understand how he could become a boy. Then I looked at the transgender, and at the time I realized that the way I can get it is that. But then I was considering my family, so I did not begin to change. I was young, and I said that I would go away, I would somehow make friends with myself, my cats, should be a girl – but I could not.

Do you have a turning point or experience that has changed your attitude?

Last year I was a volunteer at the Swigat Festival, representing the Labridge Association in a warm tent, and was beside the transgender tent. I met Transgender there, I met Transgender, who had a big impact on me. It was good to see the boys who could live as men. I talked to a person, he told me life, and he told me "I think you're a transgender"I said,I? Do not joke, I'm not a transgender!"Until then, I might have condemned transgender somewhere. There was a familiar boy in my friend's nail, which I always threw out because of his change."How can you throw womanhood?"Then I was very feminist, I hated men – he was behind it."

But then …?

But then I realized that I was a transgender, I was quite impressed, now I was confused about what was happening. At the time, I had a girlfriend with whom we were together, she helped her process, and she said that when she came to know that she knew that I was a transgender, I was just waiting to identify me. Last year on September 13, we started treatment for this testosterone and since then I am living as a trans-boy.

Do you want to talk about this topic?

Yes, because it's so amazing! Also for me It's really strange to see how my body is changing for weeks, months to months in a week.

How does it change?

Cruel, how much! I am going to go to places where the girl is not used – this time I was just shaving for this event, although I have a blond hair that rarely seems to be. I do not train, but I have muscles, my face has changed, my limb instead of my thin voice Tecton testosterone was completely removed, but the first change I noted was called growth at the bottom, which means that there is a low growth. I went pee, and I saw that she was born there.

Apparently only your body will not change from testosterone …

No, my body has not just changed, but my thinking, my light, affects everything. I feel like I grew up when I got my first testosterone injection. I became more serious than myself, since then the world looks different.

You have too many videos on your YouTube channel, are you planning to continue documenting this process?

Yes, that was my plan from the beginning: If I started Testosterone, then I would share my story with others. When I saw the testosterone treatment and the transgender, I did not find a Hungarian person who would have documented it or would have spoken publicly about it. On the one hand, this is understandable, because mutual people want to be included in society, to be male / female, taking into account the birth they are born. Always American, German, Spanish, etc. I saw that youtubeers talk about it. On the other hand, it is important not to be invisible, let's dare to talk about it. Transgender is not only invisible in Hungary, but on a global scale, they do not talk about transgender people, they do not deal with them, we have left behind.

I have an impression that rarely when there is transgenderity in the media, we usually look at the girls. Do you also see that boys are less than girls?

With the recent violation, you can actually get to the media many times, but do not deal with trans-boys. However, there are more stringent changes in transgender than the trans-boy. Women can make a beautiful vagina with surgery, but it seems to us that it can not be ruled out that it is a surgery because it takes the skin from more places and puts it in a little hydraulic liver … women can do their breasts, This rate does the female second seas – but after breast surgery we have two dia. What do I say to you that I have a heart surgery? How did the tumor there? We will not, trans-boys, refuse our previous self. Transjections are easy to fit.

How do you feel for going to the beach, where each has bathrooms, while a swimsuit is obviously not an option for you?

Do you think that …?! I am sitting here in sports shoes and shirts, waiting for water, but I can not go inside. If my shirt is now closed, people will see that there is a huge clutch on my chest. One or two months ago I realized that I could not go to the beach until I did my top surgery. How do I go to the beach? I'm not going to bikini top-up on my stomach, my navel and my armpit. The solution might be to start a bath in a T-shirt, but it will not be as good as it is. I am waiting for the minute that the top surgery is ready and it will take 3 months – because you will have to wait till the wound – and take me up. If it's winter, it'll be in the summer, I'm not worried, I'm going down the street, nude, sure!

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