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We show the most dynamic domain of Hungarian Online Business


Online Food Trading is a fast growing area in Hungarian trade. In 2017, it will grow to 22.5% and is expected to grow in the coming years. The average value of an average online shopping is two times better – experts in this field presented at the Agora Professional Conference in Budapest talked about the influence of social media and internet.

We can only keep our traditional agro-food items – the food secretary chairman of the agriculture ministry, Robert Cisigo, said inaugurating the Agora Conference.

Technologies to increase investment and increase productivity show that employee income has increased by 20% over the past five years. Each year, the degree of processing increases. These are promotional signs, but they are the beginning of a good process – Rubeet Seigo. This process is supported by the government Since 2014, 230 billion dollars has been received for food processing.

In Hungary 3 million online have been purchased online. One million people have bought food over the internet. One third of the online buyers are offered. "Said GKI Digital Senior Consultant, Madar Norbert.

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Tollos's online business manager, Solton Hortis says that most of the online food buyers are mothers and britters who want to save time using this method. Peper Booger, online marketing manager in Hungary, said. Fifty thousand people are buying.

Mark Somalonani, Internet commerce chief at OHHN Retail Hungry said Hungary's multi-channel customer starts to buy stores in the internet and buy them via internet.

The professionals agreed that growth was stuck due to lack of resources. Consumer confidence is an important issue in saving, as it is a problem in finding and keeping non-shipping users, that online food consumers are the most important consumers.

One of the main questions of the years is the geographical distribution of food to small migrants and villages. Only 27 per cent of the total online purchases associated with Budapest are connected. But the distribution is still unresolved. These online food retailers are likely to look for specific methods, says Trademark.

The critical factor in trading in daily articles is price and promotions are a powerful marketing tool – one of the professional rounds of Agora. According to Gabriela Hessler, executive director of Spar Hungary, most of the key consumer decisions are housewives and free home executives. Generations Y and Z spend a little more. Roseman Managing Director Laso Florian added that young people have influence in their parents' buying decisions. However, the profits of the companies in the FMCG sector may come in the long run.

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Supervisor CEO Norber Hovnises says that prices and promotions are an important marketing tool that is used to encourage consumers and make them a regular customer.

Daily turnover is difficult to broaden, but the possibility of increasing purchasing value appears on the domestic market. Katon Peeter, Sales Sales Director, Univers Products, said that the demand for quality products helps companies with strong branded products, but the need for continuous innovation to take advantage of this opportunity. Nielsen Customer Relations Manager Agnes Tom said that shopping decisions and customer service are more important in consumer decisions.

Research has shown that household consumers are more reliable and Hungarian food – The Nonprofit Impersonation Certification Authority of the Hungarian Products Trademark. Managing Director, Ester Benedict. Hungarian product trademarks help to select a home-made product that is useful to 4000 stores in approximately 170 companies.

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The Hungarian Production Non-Profit Quartz was held this year for the second consecutive year. The program "The Found The Worker" was a subject of lectures and debates through food companies, one of the key industrial areas of the program.

The Ministry of Agriculture said in consultation with the professional conference: In the second half of the national economy the manufacturing industry is associated with

Food production increased by 3232 billion tonnes and 13 percent in 12 manufacturing sectors.

In the case of production, Hungary ranks fourth in the European Union and 16th in the V4. In comparison, the production volume has increased by 3 per cent over 2015.

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