Tuesday , January 31 2023

Women's Hand-VB: The Hungarian national team starts fighting against Kazakhstan


For the first time, the Hungarian woman's handball team will end in the Japanese World Championships beginning on 30 November against the Kazakh team and on December 15.

Specific program (Photo: Tumbassus Headie)


According to the tournament's website, Kim Rasmussen's Federal Captain, before the match against the Asian team on 30 November, the Spanish, Montenegins, Senegalese and finally the Romanians will be available. The first three teams of each group will be placed in the semi-finals and the first two teams will be placed in the semi-finals.

Hungarians defeated Hungarian twice by the Austrian national team for the tournament in Japan, which will take place in the three islands of Cous Island: Kumamoto, Jacksuro and Jamaga. This will be the 24th World Women's Championship, and the Hungarian national team will participate on the 22nd. This year's last V.B. 24 teams will participate and 32 will be after 2021.

Amigarian Women's Manual-Selected VB Proposal (Central Europe Time)
November 30, 10:00:
Hungary, Kazakhstan
December 1, 10:00: Hungary-Spain
December 3, 7.30: Hungary, Montenegro
December 4, 11:00: Hungary, Senegal
December 6, 11:00 pm Hungary-Romania

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