Sunday , June 13 2021

A large solar storm was divided into sea mines during the Vietnam War

By 1972 Vietnam War ended. It will take another three years for the signagine. An unexpected incident occurred after a long-awaited Easter attack by the northern Vietnamese army. Together with the notorious 1859 currican program, one of the largest solar coastal submerges, the lower latitudes created by the Aruras … Decan sea mines on the Vietnam coast.

Scientists conduct research from August 2 to August 4, 1972. But a new study published in the scientific journal Space weather Dug into the Navy Records, first discovered on sea blasts and near Hai Phong in North Vietnam. At least 30 dozens of blasts occurred during the secondary period, according to US drone pilots. The presence of magnetic field through the solar flares is waning. New triggers that are not affected by magnetic interference will soon begin to develop Navy.

"Daily radio blackouts", southwest to the UK and Spain and hurting orbiting satellites. In fact, the radiation emission from a nuclear bomb was so strong that it signaled that a nuclear bomb was exploding a nuclear bomb. Researchers say,[the] In 1851, the Carrington class storm narrated the latitude of the latitude in terms of minus. "

Experts say that the prevalence of the original repetition of the 1851 culting program in modern times is devastating. The satellites will destroy GT, Monetary Transactions, Internet and Global Power Grid. In 1972, dozens of sea blasts without warning would have to be strange and dreadful. But this is not what the sun can do in our technology and on our planet.

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