Saturday , April 1 2023

Apple's new iPad Pro spends another minute


Gadget fans want to take a new brand of 11 "iPad Pro out of the new video and be ready to go for it to destroy, and the video is damaging in the apple pencil.App pencil can be a little surprised at the strength required to capture a normal tree pencil and keep it in the apple pencil pocket.

IPad Pro 2

In order to worsen the problem, the apple pencil battery is not one of the types of lithium ion, it has a pencil acid in charging wireless and at one stage of video activation. Using the battery acid battery, you have to carry out using the battery. If half of Apple's pencil breaks or drives down or pushed down in a pocket, it may be possible to break it unexpectedly.

The iPad Pro Testing starts with the scratch test of the screen, which takes six to six threads at the start of the marks and the standard for the glass scratching standard on the ground. The sapphire level covering the camera's lens Not at all Up to date; Very low hardness ranged from other producers to similar objects. If this test takes a blue lens cover in blue, glass glass is typically selected as glass glass of apples in level 8 and used by other manufacturer's accessories using the Zephyr Glass Lens Cover. Basically, it is not advisable to cover the glass lenses used in the front of the glass lens cover iPad in blue.

The majority of those who spend big money on gas are research that are going to protect them with screen covers and cases, so many people are reluctant to overcome the possibility of a device being blamed. IPad Pro "Bentate"The first scam Bentate IPhone 6 Plus was set up in 2014. With regular use, it was merely pocketed. Apple claimed that only Apple had only nine devices.

The new iPad Pro bends are not easy, so users should bring it to a bagpas. If you tread on your bag and rolling in a chair, the tablet leaps up. If you go on a bed or a bed, if the iPad probe goes away it may be lean or lean, which will surely ring around. This is not the pillar of the tablet, it requires a case and requires great attention.

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