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At the age of 20, the International Space Station was a successful success

Twenty years ago, on November 20, 1998, the Russian proton rocket launched the most important building project in human history. The disappearing vehicle was a controlling controlling agent. Space station installed in orbit.

The first spacecraft comprising American space traveler and American Navy Seal Bill Shepherd, along with Russian space traveler Sergei Krikri and Uri Gidenko, will be on or around 30 October 2000.

However, the construction of the ISS will continue for another decade until 2011, with the last planned component set up. It was a decade ago. Many of them have traveled astronauts from around the world.


Unity opened the second part of the ISS on December 6, 1998 from the payload bay of Endeavor in space shuttle.


"It's a good example of how we can do our space station with our international partners and how we are doing a space station and how we can achieve a fairly calm and successful". The retirement of NASA astronaut Nicole Stott told at a teleconference earlier this year.

The last space for the space shuttle was in 2011, after staying in space at the space station in 2009. The construction was completed as the last major part of the ISS.

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ISS celebrates 20 years of space space


"It's the biggest achievement of the International Space Station," says David Nixon, "the architect in the International Space Station

A rocket was launched to bring it into a distant, empty and deadly place for each module, nut, bolt, and a freqwing fragmentation.

"One of these trips was a great challenge, but the design of the station was made only for its 30 manufacturing units.

Today, the ISS is a six-bedroom research station in two bathrooms, a gym, a gallery with epic 360 degree views. The station and its crew traveling around 5 miles per second every 90 minutes will live on the earth. It's easy to find it from the ground, which gives one acres of solar panels.

When asked about the most strange part of a scientist's living in a fast-moving structure, the store said, "Of course we're a live test on a planet … I do not think we should ever accept living in our day-to-day lives."

One of the early concepts of a "brick moon" space station described at Edward Everett Hall, known by the same name in 1870. A red flag with a diameter of 200 feet (61 m) is described. It is used by accident from a waterfall and people by accident. This is one of the first references to an inhabited locality in the area.

By the middle of the twentieth century, Soviet Union engineers had to think more seriously about the place to live. The success of the Apollo program paved the way for the launch of the Scilab. This was the first of three quarters that completed 171 days between 1973 and 1974. It provides an ever more stable facility in orbit.

The Apollo-Soyaz Test was followed in 1975 by the spacecraft from two countries, and successfully boycotted the space in the hot spaces. It was a symbol of international cooperation called the Mir Space, a Russian space station built between 1986 and 1996.

Many American space travelers spend time near Mirror, some of them traveling by space shuttle.

Until a few months before the ISS's first team lasted more than 18 years, humans would have abandoned Mir Arsenal in 2000.

For nearly two decades, ISAS played an important role in an object in the scientific world as an orbit and a land surveillance vehicle. Science and modernization made in space stations are beneficial for most people.

For example, the Robotics developed by ISS for remote surgery treatments for breastfeeding in women in remote areas.

The technology designed to check water on the station has also been through a mobile app for monitoring the quality of water across the globe. Help in natural disasters and something taken from the orbits including the ISS.

One of the long-term experiments known in space station was a one-year investigation of the spacecraft, the spacecraft, which included double astronomers Mark-Scott Kelly. IAS Scotland stayed for a year. The twin brother Mark was on the surface. Equally closely monitored to record how life should affect the spacecraft.

In the absence of life in the space station, there may be a bit uncomfortable in the absence of gravity and the next quarters, but two hours of exercise every day, but Stott calls it "the most comfortable I ever ever."

"I wish everyone can enjoy, and I have seen the ability to fly from one place to another and say something."

But the number of people who can live in ISS is limited. The FIG The TRP wants the government to cut the funding By 2025 for the station Take over private industry Part of the activity or part of ISS in that phase.

NASA said it was necessary to continue to exist in an orbital velocity Designs for building shop on the moonA project approved by Chris Hadfield, a former ISS resident.

"We started to leave 18 years ago, and the song" Space Audit "became famous for his microovirocentric warranty. "The moon is a clear, next logical destination."

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