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BSF officer killed in Jammu and Kashmir border


A BSF officer was killed in an explosion at Mangawacha International border in Sampa region of Jammu and Kashmir. Three jawans were injured.

A bomb exploded, "said a BSF officer. There is a grenade too. One officer died in it. Three others were injured. It is not clear whether the explosion was a blast or a grenade hit or somewhere. "

The incident happened at 5.30 pm. On the question of practical fire, real-time grenades were not used. He said that he must guess that there was a terrorist group. "The picture is still unclear," he adds.

Assistant Commandant Jabbar Singh passed away, three BSF officials were injured. The blast took place. There was no fire on the border as there was a single blast. "

But he does not rule out the possibility of a blast from the international border.

BSF posts stand closely along the border, and therefore can not be ruled out. But now nothing is clear. In the post, all the BSF members are members of the 173 battalion. The injured were admitted to a military hospital in Satwari, Jammu.

First Published: November 19, 2018 19:46 IST

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