Wednesday , July 28 2021

By Ford Edge STT Ford – Pursuit Systems collapsed in camera cars

Ford is doing a lot of new stuff, but Ford Edge ST, which was converted into a camera car, was more than expected. And it looks like a boon for movie directors because they had a lot of problems to shoot car scenes. But this question can be solved by Ford's new camera car now. Ford Edge ST is a high performing car, and now it has become a budding cinematographer.

Ford has collaborated with the persuasive systems, so that Ford Edge ST is installed with a rooftop mounted camera rig, which offers a better filming experience, it has any high-speed chase or action sequences and any television commercials. "Speed, Acceleration, Breaking, Handling, and Romance – Edge ST's have all these things," praised Mike Johnson, President and CEO of Pursuit Systems. He further explained that "our shoots often require the equipment we use, and in particular vehicles, in every way, the same ST measures."

To make EdgeTyme a camera car, engineers had to keep a 100-pound pursuit arm, which is a rear mounted camera crane that makes it easy to get closer to the scene. Ford had to do a lot to tune the engine, to keep the interior and the body alive and to accommodate the extra load and to put the screen in a convenient place, and worked to make it less useless on suspension. So, this camera is for the future movies!

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