Tuesday , August 16 2022

Doctors are getting insane in type 1 diabetes


New Delhi: Diabetic patients are diagnosed with an illness that does not produce any insulin.

Type 1 diabetes known as adult diabetes About 90 percent of patients and 4-5 years are below normal. Experts have reported that the condition of the insulin creator or insulin activity or the cause of diabetes in diabetic meleteus is increasing worldwide.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes Atlas, Today, 69.2 million people in India are diabetic. By 2040 this is expected to rise to 123.5 million. Type 1 diabetes melitus (T1DM) pediatric endocrine diseases. T1DM has 97,700 children living in India.

Between 1964 and 1989, the diabetic group (a drop below 15) decreased from 3.61 percent to 3.61 percent. In 2006, ICMR established a diabetes registry with adolescents in 2006. Young people in India checked diabetes history.

Dr. Rajiv Yadav said that type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by children, adolescents and young people who produce their insulin pancreas cells. Instead of reducing the amount of sugar, insulin glucose or sugar leads to blood circulation.

He added that the cause of this situation is not precisely known. However, self-immune system is one of the crimes committed by the immune system destroying and destroying healthy cells in Pancreatic. Tradition has an important role in the context of self-immune diseases.

Drugs that are very serious symptoms of child symptoms include excessive thirst, increased appetite, visual impairment, weight loss and fatigue. Yadav pointed out. They may be due to diabetes mellitus.

Most children today are easy to play on a tablet or phone, and experts say they work with a bat or racket. Dizziness, bad eating habits, and weight loss are less. "Parents will shorten their children's TV-watching briefs, encourage them to participate in outdoor games, eat balanced food from eating, and ask the parents to avoid junk food.

The diagnosis is made by considering the information provided by the patient's notice or adult. Some blood tests include blood glucose test strips, blood sugar, subtype glucose tolerance test, random blood sugar and hemoglobin A1 set (Hb1C).

Assistant Professor Dr Gopalakrishnan has urged us to regularly monitor the blood glucose levels. Kuldip Kumar said. "Diabetes, rapid breathing, dry skin, mouth, face, fruit breathing, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain are the diabetes of diabetes (DK), which is due to the lack of insulin and the lack of insulin," he added.

Diabetes, delay, legs, nerves, eyes and kidney failure can cause problems if the initial phase is not diabetic.

Therefore, it is important to contact a qualified doctor immediately. Besides prescribing medications, it will lead to changes in the lifestyle changes of the patient and caregivers, and thus can lead to a normal life.

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