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FDA allows controversial new drug to promote sex drive


For the second time in five years, the second female edition of Vigra is on its way.

Last week, the US The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved another drug design option designed to promote low-sex drive.

The previous drug, Eddie – comes in the form of new medicines, vials, injections, compared to a daily tablet – and can be taken only when needed, rather than being administered every day.

At least 45 minutes before expected sexual activity, the drug is administered as a stomach or a shot in the thighs, the FDA recommends patients not taking doses of more than eight doses within 24 hours or one month.

The drug of Palatine Technologies and AMAG Pharmaceuticals will be available on selected pharmaceuticals from September. How much the cost of doses is not known yet.

Despite the green signal for the drug, the FDA has warned that people with high blood pressure or people with cardiovascular disease – or people with high risk for cardiovascular disease – should not take it. Also, if a woman suspects she is pregnant, she should stop taking the drug immediately.

During drug clinical trials, side effects were also reported – 40% of women experienced nausea after taking it. All 18% got out of the trial.

The FDA has also noted in its statement:

"Vailecea does not increase sexual performance. About 1% of patients treated with Vaellesi in clinical trials had reported darkening of the skin and skin with the face and breast, which did not go into nearly half the patients after the treatment."

Analysts have said that the safety of losing sexual desire and effective drug can eventually reach an annual sales of about $ 1 billion.

Vyleesi, chemically known as bremelanotide, enables pathways in the brain associated with sexual desire, helps premenopausal women with hypoactive sex desire disorder (HSDD).

MMOG Chief Medical Officer Dr. Julie Crop states that "we are obviously thrilled about being able to provide patients with the second option." New York Times.

"These women have suffered quite a lot of silence for a harsh condition, and many of them do not know that the treatment is a proper medical condition."

The American Sexual Health Association states that 1 in 10 women have HSDD.

As part of a marketing plan, AMG has established a website called, which provides quizzes, information and & # 39; ask and answer & # 39; The section is full of. Less sexual desire, the website says, there is nothing to blush about it.

The website tells women that little sex drive "There is nothing to blush about".

National Women's Health Network has urged women to avoid using drugs unless they are more familiar with its safety and effectiveness.

Anita Clayton of the University School of Medicine, in a statement said, "It is important that women with this condition have a choice of treatment options." The effect of low sexual desire, she added, "goes far away from the bedroom and can often lead to anxiety, decrease in vitality, self-esteem issues and relationship stress."

Vélasey's predecessor and competition

In 2015, the FDA once approved the daily pink tablets Eddie (Flibensirin) which was sold as "Female Vigas".

Eddie's producer, Sprawut Pharmaceuticals was forced to warn about the box about the side effects of the drug, especially when mixed with alcohol.

Except for a warning, only certified doctors and pharmacy can suggest or distribute medication. In fact, the FDA rejected Eddie twice, which mentions major safety concerns such as low impact and major blood pressure, which can lead to sudden and long-term loss of consciousness.

Unlike viagra, a cause is caused by increasing the blood flow to the penis, Philanderirin promotes dopamine and norepinephrine on the neurotransmitters of the brain, the two chemicals associated with love and stimuli. It reduces serotonin – which can block sexual desire.

Analysts, who do not restrict the use of alcohol, are believed to have many advantages over Eddie, including tolerant side effects, faster acting nature and not needing to take it every day, according to analysts.

According to the investment analyst's data, Eddie suggested 6,000 times last year, probably $ 800 a month, it was set by buyers. Then in 2018, sprouts dropped $ 400. But it is clear that the ADA has not found Fanbase, which is hoping for its producers.

Last year Critiquing Addyi, wrote for Angela Chen Weight:

The more we believe we have a condition, these companies are easy to sell drugs to us. Encourage all the cultural goods around sex and how much it is and how it can be acquired and it is clear that less technological will and sexual dysfunction are not the problems given by simple technical solutions and online diagnosis.

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