Wednesday , August 4 2021

First trip to SpaceX Crew Dragon for 7 January 2019

The battle for launching their first Crude Space Missions between SpaceX and Boeing is being ruthless. NASA has announced a new schedule for the two companies to send astronauts from space to the US.

On January 7, 2019, the SpaceX Crew Dragon First Tour

On January 7, 2019, SpaceX's crew dragons will take flight for the first time at the Capsule International Space Station. Flight will be called Demo-1 (or DM-1) and not without crew.

Boeing's first uncredited test flight will go on its first trip in March 2019 for almost two months after the SpaceX. Both companies will have to complete the abortion tests before taking astronauts into space, respectively, for the SpaceX and Boeing for June and August, respectively.

Back in August, NASA announced astronauts who would be part of crew during this mission. The crew dragons will land the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center Launchpad, where the Apollo mission closed for the Moon in 1969.

NASA believes that the first operational crude mission will take place in August 2019, while on December 2 it will be in December. Dates can also be changed if the results of the tests are not satisfactory.

In addition, the Washington Post's latest report reviews safety on both NASA, SpaceX and Boeing. In Joe Rogan's podcast, Alan could have been the cause of the mask's behavior, where she found smoke smoke.

Although NASA did not specify explicit reasons behind the review, a spokeswoman told the Washington Post, "Make sure that companies meet NASA requirements for workplace safety, including those involving the drug-free environment."

In addition to sending astronauts to space, SpaceX will also send its first passenger around the Moon. 42-year-old Yusuke Maysawa, will be the first passenger to go into space. She is the billionaire and founder of online fashion mall Zozhotown. He has also bought all the other tickets on the rocket.

Maasawa is known for spending a large amount. Once in 2017 Jean-Michel Baskiah bought a $ 110 million painting.

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