Saturday , June 10 2023

Flat Earth Theory Demand: NASA's image taken at 100,000 miles away


Flat Earth Theory

Flat Earth Theory landed flat land representationScreengrab from YouTube

The flat earth theory achieves popularity. NASA has been successfully removed by launching a satellite image of a satellite at a distance of 1 million km away. The unbelievable footage of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite was revealed to be an unsafe footage of land.

Let's monitor the camera from sunrise to sunset from this distance. DSCOVR The camera takes on an average one each summer, taking a photo every two hours in the winter.

"EPIC's Special District Areas and Persistent Observations We can observe the portion of the daytime phenomena of many daily phenomena. For example, EPIC can follow a volcanic blast or fire a day.The lower orbital satellites can be seen more times than other places, but only one or two times a day There are only two days, "said Alexander Marshak, deputy project manager of Deep Space Climate Monitoring Mission.

In spite of this increasing criticism, flat-earth theorists claims that NASA's photographs are on land. According to the vast proportions, the South Pole is the boundary of the Earth. Extremely gigant, huge walls are preventing us from blocking us. After realizing that the earth is completely flat in the Solar System, these theorists state that governments around the world are building their military bases at the South Pole.

The forerunners of the flat-Earth theory argue that the earth is basically the object made in one place, believing that this body is not orbiting the Sun.

Many prominent personalities, including the former English Captain Andrew Flintoff, are strong spokespersons of flat land theory.

"If you're in a helicopter, how does the earth come to you? Why is water in the air, why would the water continue? Why is it not hurt? If you have twisted the world, laser can see it, but you can not see it," Flintoff said last year.

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