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How NASA Insight Detected On Mars, explained step-by-step on Mars


When NASA's insight process entered the atmosphere of early Mars today, the sound speed was about 16 times, turning it toward a soft, rusty expanse. But in six minutes and 25 seconds, this supersonic rush joggers slowed down – only 8 km. – On the touchdown "I'm home," the Twitter account of Insight said almost immediately to nearly 250,000 followers. NASA's Mission Control Room exploded happily.

This was not a transport. Rob Manning, the chief president of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), said in a video presentation, "We did it before landing on Mars, even though we did it." "Thousands of steps" in the direction of the spacecraft from the top of the Martin environment, and everyone needs to be perfect.

Using NASA Pictures and GIFs, we will now bring you all the main steps of Insite's landing. Insight, from the nerve moments before the Mars air, like the Flaming Meteor, started in the air, it was all there, it made the first picture back home.

Atmospheric entrance Touchdown in 6 minutes and 25 seconds

NASA's Rob Manning took the landing steps. (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

One woman said in the mission control, "Atmospheric entrance on my mark." Insight was preparing to wet the atmosphere of Mars, in which carbon dioxide was mainly formed. "Three, two, one, sign."

Filled a healthy silence room.

At this point, an important step was already received. Insight shed its cruise stage (See animation below) And, like expert divers, they themselves transferred, so that their heat shield could face Martin's atmosphere.

Now, who was crucial to the approach. JPL Chief Engineer Rob Manning said, "It hits the top of the atmosphere at a very high temperature corner: 12 degrees. Any steppere will hit the thicker part of the vehicle and dissolve and burn." And deep? "The vehicle will bounce the atmosphere of Mars."

Insight enters meteor mode and feels heat. 6 minutes to touch

It's not a fireball. (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

As insight plunged into a strong wind, the heat shield grew temperately. Manning said in a pre-landing presentation that it would be "more than 1000 degrees centigrade (Celsius), which is enough to dissolve the steel." Back in control of the mission, "Plasma Blackout" was reported, "expected."

"Insight now feels a peak heating rate," the control room was told. "The heat shield reaches about 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit as it protects the lender from the heating environment." It's 1,600 degrees C Is more than @NASAInSight, Twitter account has also been recorded at higher temperatures.

She did not feel too concerned about it.

Insight slows and prepares parachutes. 3 minutes and 20 seconds for a touchdown.

Once Insight passed through the Martian atmosphere, it started to stop right – not to stop properly, but at very low speeds. During a two-minute period, Manning said before the dynasty that Insight will lose the speed "on the 12th backback".

When you are experiencing your local amusement park, there are genital herpes-poultry strengths, while you are dropping, dragging and cataplastic at ridiculous speed. 12G fighter is also good for pilots.

Quickly, Insight is now ready for the next step. "Insight is now traveling every 1,000 meters," the control room was informed. "Once insight goes down to 400 meters per second, it will deploy its 12-meter diameter supersonic parachute."

What are the other ideas about your dream skiing campaign?

Parachute out! Bye, heat shield 2 minutes and 20 seconds for the touchdown

It's all slow now. But there is more work to do. (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

"Telemetry shows parachute deployment," the control room was now called. "Heat Shield ordered separately."

This step, Manning said, declares the lender. "Six pyrotechnic vehicles bring fire together, causing a shield of heat and away from the vehicle."

And @NASAInSight was loving to him.

Immediately, three legs will be removed from the lender. "After about a minute, sending a pulse to the surface of Mars, the landing radar has started, because the vehicle tries to measure its size … and how fast it is going", Manning said. "Nearly one mile from Mars's surface, the lender gets away from the bache and prevents its engine [12 of them]. And very fast, the vehicle must come out of the way so that the parachute and bachechle [don’t] Come down to kill him. "

"The last thing that's to happen is that at the moment of contact, the engine will have to close on an immediate basis. If they do not, then they will have tips on the vehicle."

This is …

This time, it's goodbye, backache. Talk about losing weight. (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

You can cut the air in the control of a mission with a butter knife. "Altitude 400 meters 300 meters 200 meters … continuously accelerate."

"37 meters."

"30 meters."

"20 meters 17 meters. Standing for touchdown."

And then, without a few breaths, seconds, nothing. Maun

Oh, mysteries! Harang (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

But then, longer:

"Touchdown Confirmed!"

That moment is here. Dry it (And read about the evil celebration Handshake talking about Twitter.)

Home (YouTube / NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

After a while, Insight sent a photo from Mars, however, it became obscured by dust.

But you know: who is caring?

Photo: AP

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