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In Madhya Pradesh's tribal Jabua, there are concerns that all anti-agitations have been raised


In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Madhya Pradesh sent two Congress leaders – Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia to Parliament. A year later Kantilal Bhuria became the third Parliamentarian in the party.

Bypolls were held in the by-election of BJP leader Dilip Singh Burea. In Seemandhra the Congress had given a backdrop to Congress to give seat. In the epicenter of 1977, the Congress lost Jabua alone. Dilip Singh is very famous in this area. But his daughter Nazila Bhulia defeated Kansalal by 80,000 votes.

Jebuua has been a three-year break in Alirajpur districts, which are part of the Jebau Lok Sabha constituency. The Congress is contesting in the upcoming assembly elections, suppressing competition for BJP candidates. A former state Congress president, Kantilal Bhuriya has been working for his family instead of people or party.

Two of the two children competing in the Jebuya (3) and Alirajpur (2) seats are in the fray. His son Vikrant and Anilia Kalawati are candidates from Jebuwa and Jabbu near Alirajpur.

With the announcement of Congress candidates, the depressed party workers burned Bhuria's goods across the Lok Sabha constituency. His expectations are moderate in the fight against party veteran Xavier Madeah's triangular character. The majority of these are supported by the village's rulers, who decided to teach a lesson.

BJP's GS Damer is not beautiful. A former public health engineer, he was a paramilitary operator at the sitting of the sitting MLA.

Only three of the Jebu's three assembly constituencies can predict the outcome. After the death of his father, Nirmala Bhuria retained the seat she contested when she contested in her mantle. Congress Veera Singh Buri is easily able to breathe in the third constituency. In 2013, the party met Kalsingh Bhabhar, a group of people who would face an independent challenge.

In the previous elections, the BJP won four out of the five seats in Jebu and Alirajpur constituencies. Had it not been challenged by those candidates, the Congress could lose a lot to face this defeat. In the parliamentary bypoll, it has failed in the assembly elections.

In fact, when asked when Kandalal was playing the game, journalists said about the possibilities of the party. The Congress will not change [its ways]. The party's bad candidates have created contests in the seats that the party has not been able to win, "local journalist Sachin Bairagi said.

This does not mean that the BJP is silent through the Renaults. But it is hoped that this will help either to oppose or oppose Narendra Modi's internal conflict. On November 20, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been invited to visit Jabua. Thousands of people have been in touch with adivasis. The boundaries of Panchmahal and Vadodara districts of Gujarat, Alirajpur-Jebu are the majority of Bhal tribals. Pradhan Mantar Awais Yojana (PMA) is a large group of beneficiaries. The bad, why talk, social welfare worker misused the bureaucracy. Several beneficiaries were asked to bribe officials for getting Rs 1.5 lakh. They were given three installments under the home appliance project. Another remedy to the MGN sector was the abandonment of rural panchayats. In short, who will be afraid of Bhuriya or BJP?

First Published: November 19, 2018 07:26 IST

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