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Jodan Sancho shows Wayne Rooney's farewell match against England


Rooney celebrated in 120 catches, for most grims in the area and a wait for Henry. 32 minutes in the final Captain's final, with a break at a break in the light of a sharp sleeve, leaving a legendary shot and became a huge pass for Ruben Loftus-Kee. With Bradman's resurgence, it's almost as much as his 54th international goal.

That did not matter, he played time with a smile. Gare Teegate and his many satisfaction. At this point, such employee Jodon Sancho is paying attention to his spirits. The storyline of the 33-year-old Rooney Route England's past and future replaced their fingerprint, half of their opponents.

Rooney will remember everything from the player's watchman Karinakal. Before his younger son Kass took over, he had a conversation with a magic witch-hunter. England will be victorious in their league group by defeating Croatia on Sunday. Their momentum retained.

Before the farewell, it liked the sound gate. The US is looking at one side or still fraudulent because of US involvement in the summer jumper in Russia. But as they have shattered the hosts, the second string, the very first choice, is going through the current awareness. For 38 years England was not included in this situation. Rooney had 119 points in the first fifteenth season with 94 caps. Nevertheless, their progressive plays did not have any kind of emotion. There was even enthusiasm and excitement.

Wayne Rooney is playing a shot against England in the final.

Wayne Rooney is playing a shot against England in the final. Photograph: Toby Melville / Reuters

One of the youngest English speakers at the show was the most promising. It is advisable to inform Roui in the night at Wembley. As a teenager, a pre-lunger predecessor bowed down in his infancy. For 18 years, Barça was often excited for his pre-tournaments in all competitions in Manchester City for Dortmund. Winter hats had been abused throughout the background of drugs and sudden legs dribbling Deandrey Idlyn, Matt Maasgi, George Vilafan or John Brooks. The nerves of his country's early senior start.

He was a calm in the penalty area of ​​the visitor's calamitous rivals. Trend Alexander-Arnold's overlapping patch carefully. That was the second night of England. He returned to England in the first Test of the series against Bradman. After Jesse Lincoln's ceremonial reception, Aston Villa flew a second from the collecting ball of the goalkeeper. The Malchster United Forward, like Delay Allie, has been wounded to break off during this period from the summer. The pair may be reduced to the Southgate's Peking order because they have made their claim to include Sunday.

And in fact many did so. Ben Chilwell dropped the left hand and often tied up with Sancho or Alli. Harry Vignes was busy with his first home cup. Karl Wilson, who was league player in the league six years ago, is the Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Glade at the start of the year. Gusen's challenge fell to momentum. The left-hander was in contact with the goalkeeper, and the Spanish administrator was the only penalty for penalizing the appeal.

BOLDWOUND's first England starter made unexpected channels and threatened a 13-minute threat. From the crucifixion of Fabian Delphine, Gustan made the way for Guzman. He deserves that reward.

Thursday, November 15

League A and Group 2: Belgium 2-0 Iceland
A4: Croatia 3-2 Spain
B3: Austria 0-0 Bosnia Herzegovina
C2: Estonia 2-0 Estonia 1-0 at Estonia
D1: Kazakhstan 1-1 Latvia, Andorra 1-1 Georgia
D2: Luxembourg 0-2 Belarus, San Marino 0-1 Moldova

Friday 16 November

League A and Group 1: Netherlands – France
B1: Slovakia v v. Ukraine
B4: Wales Denmark
C3: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia North Norway
D4: Gibraltar V Armenia, Lichtenstein v FYR Macedonia

Saturday 17th November

League A and Group 3: Italy Portugal
B2: Sweden Sweden Sweden
C1: Albania v Scott Land
C4: Serbia V. Montenegro (4), Romania v Lithuania
D3: Malta W Kosovo (5pm), Azerbaijan

Sunday 18th November

League A and Group 2: Switzerland v Belgium
A4: England Croatia (2 noon)
B3: Northern Ireland v Austria (5 pm)
C2: Hungary V Finland, Greece v Estonia
D2: San Marino v. Belarus (5pm), Moldova Belarus (5pm)

Monday November 19

League A and Group 1: Germany v Netherlands
B1: Czech Republic v Slovak
B4: Denmark v The Republic of Ireland
C3: Cyprus v Norway, Bulgaria v v Slovenia
D1: Kazakhstan (5pm), Andorra Y Latvia (5pm)
D4: FYR Macedonia vs Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, Armenia

Tuesday 20th November

League A and Group 3: Portugal v. Poland
B2: Sweden v Russia
C1: Scott Land O house of Israel,
C4: Serbia V. Lithuania, Montenegro V Romania
D3: Malta – Faroe Islands, Kosovo V Azerbaijan

• If not specified, every kick-off is 7.45 pmm

Photograph: Jane Barlow / p

There was central space wherever there was more temporary English. Brett's Lewis Duncan spent Steve Foster in 1982 to help the senior team. It was a passionate dread of the Christian Pulseck. Jordan Pickford said it was a great opportunity for visitors. For Jordanian picphord, which is the means of ending the resistance.

Alex McCarthy became the third debutant hosted after an intermission. Bobby Wood was shifted to a small helper. The modernity of England has changed.

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