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[ad_1] Learns that your privacy is important to you, and we are committed to transparencing about the technologies we use. This cookie policy explains how to collect or access cookies and other similar technologies from your device when you visit or visit websites that link to this policy (collectively "Sites"). This cookie policy should be read together with our Privacy Policy.

You agree that you will still be able to access and access our cookies and other tracking technologies as described in this Policy.

What are cookies and other tracking technologies?

A cookie is a small text file that you can store and access from your device when you visit one of our sites, to the extent that you accept. Let your other activity track the activity of your website in order to help other cookies operate the same way, place small data files on your devices and help us gather information about how our sites are used. This allows our sites to identify your device from other users on our sites. The following information about cookies is applicable to these other tracking technologies.

How do our sites use cookies and other tracking technologies? uses cookies and other technologies that allow us to store and use your web browser, your mobile phone, tablet, computer or other device (collective "Devices"), or use it whenever you use it. Using our applications and sites. Such cookies and other technologies use cookies and other tracking techniques to identify you and your interests, to check your preferences, to check for, to control access to certain content on our sites, and to save sites. To process requests you may be making us. has made a deal with third party service providers to manage our sites and use cookies, research sites, and analyze and analyze statistical use and volume information from our site users. These third-party service providers continue to use cookies to help us improve the user experience, manage our site content, how to navigate the sites, and analyze how to use them.

First, third-party cookies

First party cookies

These are the cookies we have, a website that we or we visit at once to your device (e.g., cookies provided by

Third party cookies

Some features used on this website may include the cookie sent by a third party to your computer. For example, if you see or hear embedded audio or video content, cookies may be sent from a site hosted by embedded content. Similarly, if you share any content on social networks (for example, if you share any content on this website by clicking a button "button" or "tweet" button) you may send cookies to these websites. We do not control the settings of these cookies, so check these third party websites for more information on cookies and how to handle them.

Fixed cookies
We use cookies to improve the experience of using sites. You accept our cookie policy to remove the cookie message first appearing when you visit our site.
Session cookies
Session cookies will be temporarily erased from your machine when you close your web browser. Session cookies are used to help us track Internet usage as described above.
You may opt out of receiving the browser cookie by activating the appropriate setting on your browser. However, if you select this setting, some parts of the site may not be accessible. If your browser settings are not set, cookies will be rejected, and our system will check whether you will take our browser in our browser and capture cookies.
Data collected and / or cookies stored on the sites are not kept much longer than fulfilled the above mentioned requirements on your computer. In any case, we store all cookies collected in such information in our database unless you have explicit permission to remove such cookies.

We separate cookies by saying the following:

Essential Cookies

This cookie requires our site to move around and use its features. Without these essential cookies, we can not provide some services or features, and our site will not be as smooth as we like it. For example, let us know if you created an account and have logged in to access site content. These include cookies that help us to remember your previous activities in the same browsing session and help us secure our sites.

Analysis / Performance Cookies

These cookies are also used by our cookies or third party service provider to analyze how sites are using and how they work. For example, these cookies track the most visited content, your watch history, and places from which visitors arrive. If you subscribe to a newsletter subscription or sites, these cookies may be related to you.

Functional Cookies

These cookies will run to run sites that you make, based on the choices you make. For example, remember that we can identify your username and customize it to sites and services, for instance, by adjusting text size, fonts, languages, and other parts of web pages and then giving you the same customizations after future visits.

Advertising cookies

These sites collect information about your activities on our sites and other sites to target targeted ads. Our third-party service providers also allow cookies to be used on sites for the same purpose as above, including collecting information about your online activities over time. Third party service providers who create their own privacy policies for social media platforms may also use their cookies to target ads on other websites based on your visit to our site.

How do I decline or revoke my consent to use cookies?

If you do not want cookies to be removed on your device, you can adjust the settings of your internet browsing system to deny all or cookies settings and notify you when a cookie is placed on your device. For more information about how to do so, please use your browser & # 39; Help & # 39; s browser for w.r.t cookie settings like Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. The & # 39; Tool & # 39; Or & # 39; edit & # 39; Please refer to section.
You may not be able to use all or parts of our sites or activities if your browser settings are set to block all cookies (including cookies that are strictly required).
If you'd like to remove previously saved cookies, you can automatically delete cookies from your browser settings at any time. However, unless you configure your internet browser configuration as described above, this will not prevent sites from having more cookies on your device.
For more information on development of user profiles and targeting / advertising usage, please visit in Europe or in the United States.

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