Saturday , June 10 2023

Knight King arrives in Delhi for comic strip


Game of Thrones, Comics, Delhi Comic ConcreteStill the game of thrones

The pop culture program recently announced that the game will be played this year's Vandeim Fardik's 'Knight King' debut on the popular TV series 'Delhi Comics'. "I'm really happy to welcome Furidi to Delhi and the Game of Thrones is very popular in India, and Knight King also gives our visitors a gift to thousands of fans and will be shown in three days for fans to see," says Jathin Verma, founder of Comic Corn India. Not only are the guests of the world entertaining, comic book publishing, pop culture, etc. a chance to attract fans to some faces and sequels.

Freddik was talking about visiting India. I would like to visit India and visit Delhi and worship meetings. On my last visit, I have wonderful memories, I am excited to enjoy good food and see a beautiful country again. "

Many comic book writers like Dileil Shalvi, John Layman, Peter Ngin, Somin Patel, Abhijit Kini, Alisia Souza, Raal Mozin, Akshay Dhar, Vivek Goyal and Aniriyahu Chakravarthy participated in the comic conquest of Delhi in 2018.

Fans can expect more experienced sectors, better commerce, latest comics, scenes, performances, as well as exclusive comic book launches.

The Delhi Comic Concrete is located on December 9, 2018 at the NSSIC ground in Oakla

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