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Referring to Raphael's information on the Supreme Court, the government's law follows the law


The government has revealed that the details of the price of pricier prices for the purchase of 36 Rapid aircraft from France were closed down in the Supreme Court. The decision making process leads to the purchase of petitions with the appearance of inquiries by questioning the retired edition of the report submitted to the Supreme Court last month.

The Supreme Court judges had been told that all the details related to the price of Rafael jets could be disclosed to the court.

It is not clear whether prices are revealed about the lack of arms and the specific improvements made to India or the cost of the costs of India being fully loaded.

A company of Indian interventions for buying 36 Rafael fighter jets are better than an advance offer of the French company Dassault Aviation. A decision was taken on the offset section of the deal and not mentioned about a private business house.

Experts say that in the months of October 2019 only the details of doztal offset involvement were not provided.

Dassault will confirm when Indian offset partners and products ask offset credits.

The details of the price will be adhered to the order of October 31 of the Supreme Court: "Special details on pricing and expenditure, especially if its advantage, if any, are a seal."

The court accepted the order in relation to the public interest litigation requiring a court probing inquiry to purchase Jet Airlines.

The government has not yet responded to the courts' challenges seeking details of the jet price. Attorney General KK Pillai has said that pricing details are preserved under the Official Secret Act of 1923. Venugopal has even clarified. So far, the base model was only Rs 670 crores. Committee.

The case will hear on Wednesday 14th November.

In a dilapidated copy of the decision making process with the Hindustan Times, the government acquired all the steps taken by the government.

With the aim of defending the storage, on the basis of national security, India and India have upgraded their old models with more than 400 modern aircraft, between 2010 and 2015. "They were included in the 4th generation aircraft and included a fifth generation stylized fighter plan, which required an urgent need to reduce the number of combat personnel in the Air Force and enhance their warplanes."

"The Indian Indian Negative Team (INT) has constituted the Joint Secretary, Acquisition Manager (Air), Joint Secretary (Defense Offset Management Wing), Joint Secretary, Adain Finance Advisor (Air), Advisor (Air), to discuss the terms and conditions for procurement of Rafael Aircrafts. , Assistant Chief Executive Staff (Projects). "

He also said 74 meetings were held, including 48 INT internet meetings and 26 foreign intersections.

The Inter Government had purchased a contract under contract called 'Agreement'. Out of the 2002 estates, 40 per cent of the procurement is being purchased from the total amount of Rs 7.45 lakh crore.

Offset partner's criticism deviates. "There is concern over discharge of original Equipment Manufacturer's offset execution (OEM) offset execution and its tier-1 company through Indian offset partners." There is no mention of the Indian business business house.

The NDA government decided to implement government policies that co-operate with France. In April 2015, Dazzle announced his decision to cooperate with France to buy 36 Rafael warships.

Preceded by the UPA Under the regime, 126 Rafael decided to buy a passenger. Of these, 108 are Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

The price of Rafael aircraft is now at Rs 1,670 crore, three times it is Rs 526 crore, when the UPA tries to purchase the initial auction aircraft. The technology transfer agreement is included with HAL.

Former defense minister Manohar Parrikar said that the UPA agreement was in force in 2012. Existing contract includes customized weapon.

The deal was controversially supported by Anil Ambani's Reliance Defense and Desolt. Tocic and joint ventures will be done in some offset opportunities related to the contract.

First Published: November 12, 2018 23:27 IST

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