Friday , June 18 2021

Sabarimala: The Supreme Court has issued a notification issued on January 22.

The High Court on Monday filed a petition in the Sabarimala temple seeking a special salaries for women of all ages. The Travancore Devaswom board has sought explanation.

The High Court had dismissed the plea filed by the HC verdict. The HC rejected the petition filed by the HC verdict.

After the trial began, a lawyer filed a new affidavit in the tantri & # 39; Attempted to file. Responding in the same way, the CJI said: "You are unfit to us, and beyond that, we do not want to say anything."

At least 12 women over 10-50 years of age were unable to trekking hills. The protest had to go back later. Even women above 50 years of age were stopped at Sabarimala. Only after proving their age has been allowed to pass.

Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala accused the BJP and the Congress of addressing the opposition rally addressing the opposition rally, "hurting" the government. On September 28, however, the Left Front government has made it clear that the state is committed to implement the court order. But he blamed political opponents for politicizing the issue.

A revising petition filed by Nair Service Society (NSS), & # 39; Without questioning questions relating to standards that can handle judicial matters that have no matters to deal with matters of religious matters, the majority decision of the subject is based on personality religion and belief with the fanaticism of a particular religion or religion. The verdict has alleged "legal errors" and claims that temple propaganda is "factual" based on the idea of ​​molesting menstruation.

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