Thursday , June 8 2023

Samsung allows the Opposite to open the smartphone to the screen tablet


Samsung is back with a smartphone that will open a smartphone. Justin Delicious Senior Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing has been taken out of the pocket of a suit jacket at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Delison introduced the concept of "Infinity Fllex Display" on stage in a keynote presentation presentation. Do not give any details when customers are getting a slow phone.

"The display is a milestone for the smartphone," said Delison. "When you open it, the tablet that gives you a bigger screen experience is a phone that will perfectly match your pocket."

According to Denison, infinity flex screens have repeated repeats and buds. Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, is producing all the models of Google's free software market, and other equipment manufacturers are also selling chips, screens and components.

Samsung has introduced a new one-uin interface mobile interface. This enabled the smartphone to simplify the screens and work with the new filterable display.

This year, the third party developers are eager to launch apps and services at Samsung offices, including the new Infinity Flex screens this year.

Glenn Murphy, an Android user familiar with Google, said, "Our team on Google shows the innovation in technology that displays," Murphy said while participating in the main presentation. "We understand how developers like you can help us to develop this future."

Royal, which started as the city center in California earlier this week, has been declared the world's first commercially available smartphone. A developer model of "Flexpai" Folding phone is available for a price of $ 1,318. BSBY digital assistant will allow apps to be used for software, said Samsung.

By 2020, Samsung has been trying to install BixBB on all the consumer devices.

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