Monday , September 26 2022

TCS is trying to intervene


Tata Consultancy Services will focus on developing its mutual industrial businesses and create a Talent Hub for India to attract customers.

Indian IT companies are targeting a profitable market to provide service to Chief Marketing Officers. When Acquire took over, it earned an annual revenue of $ 8 billion.

TCS bought the 50th digital studio W12 in London. "We're scaling your organizational business and we've got the place-free delivery scaling, which we bought for 12," said business president Krishnan Ramanujam, a business and technology service at TCS. Ramanujan said the revenue channel would be doing well through conducting interactive services business in the next few years. The company claims that Tata Motors has to provide space or free software to ensure that it can acquire its own model. The Mumbai-based company provides interactive services in the same manner. Ramanujam said India is the starting point for building offshore services too.

"We believe that at the beginning of the interactive services that are similar to the situation in the mid-90 eviteyayirunnuvennatin IT services. The main variants of the themes of each vyavasayattilutanilamulla product and service design and customer experience from digital technology. This, we believe, will help TCS-itapalakunnatinayulla interactions of business Knows. These capabilities paripeasippikkanum paripeasippikkanumulla confident, "he said. He said that the company has been building its manufacturing and design of India with a wide range of creative talents.

But while analysts believe it will off-shore a part of the digital marketing business, the ability to resort to the creative side of business is low.

"It seems to deliver the technology to support yuktisahamayekkavunnatayi can do on a model of the shock, it is clear from a remote location can create the best designs. Technology, model to vard'dhippikkunnatukeant, TCS, distribute and support the importance of technology and seem to work well in this part of the world Tax, "the CEO of IT consultancy Executive Peter bendear-Samuel said.

Bendor-Samuel said, "Infosys, Cognizant and Wipro have made acquisitions for all Indian players who have been withdrawing from accelerators and investing in companies continuously. While TCS does not believe, market share advantage will have to come from a rival position. "The services of these services are growing, so all the donors can grow." There is a lot of business in the business room, "Ramanujam said. He added that the company's personal revenue from the TCS digital business will be released soon.

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