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The best Google deals for Black Friday 2018: Google Home Hub, Pixel 3


Last month's release of Piccadilly 3, if you had wait till one November, you could cut the price of $ 200. In addition, Google's products, including Google Friday Hub and Cyber ​​Monday, will be available on Google homeposts, including the new Google home Hub, Nest devices and Chromecast dongles. The newly announced pixel slate does not get a discount, but the pixelbook has some deals on laptops like Chromebooks.

Here's what you expect to be saved in Google storage and after.

Best Google Product for Buying in Black Friday

Google Home Hub, the company's inevitable Google assistant on a screen, is one of the best deals from Google this season. In $ 99, $ 50 profit is lower than the display-low Google home speaker's retail price.

It does not mean Paisal 3 will not be sold … Normally BOGO deals do not expect you to get Samsung phones. Instead, Google offers a purchase in front of Black Friday. The second phone will be picked up by half of the paisa 3 devices. On November 22, Google's Pixel 3 and 3XL will be available for $ 649 and $ 699 respectively. You can save up to $ 150 for a small device and $ 200 for a larger amount. Cyber ​​Monday will return phones at their original retail price, but free Google Home Hub will receive $ 50 credit to spend on Google store. It's not a good deal, but if you're already interested in the smart display you'll be interested in it and you intended to buy a phone case to buy your Pixel.

Finally, it looks like some of Google's products are erased from last year's hardware event. Google cameras camera (do you remember that?) Is priced between $ 250 and $ 125. Pyle Bads is now 109 dollars. It's a good time to present holidays with many Google products under 50 dollars.

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Pixel 3

Since November 16th

November 22

  • Pixel 3 in the Google Store (initially $ 799)

  • At $ 799 in Google store (first $ 899) the Pixel3X

On November 26th,

  • All the Pixel 3 Purchases and Google home hub in Google stores will include a $ 50 credit to Google store

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Since November 18th

Since November 21st

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Google home

November 22


November 22


Since November 21st

November 22


November 22

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