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The ExoMars 2020 mission arc is possible, and why?


Oxygen Plate Closet
Photo: NASA / JPL / Arizona University

If you are going to land on another planet a robot, perhaps the most important question, put the dang materials anywhere. Researchers at the upcoming ExoMars Mission have now announced their favorite place on the Red Planet along with Rover and Lander.

After several years of negotiations, scientists opted for the Oxia Plan as an optimal site. A meeting at the National Space Center in Leicester, UK. As a further review, it will be an important place to determine if this place lives.

"We can accomplish mission targets there, the traffic is very good – the Rover can carry," Vernonik Dehanth for the lander radio-science experiment of the surface platform from Royal Observatory Belgium, told Gizmodo.

ExoMars artist's idea
Illustration: ESA

The ExpoMars 2020, the next part of the ExpoMars mission, is a rover-landing platform that sends it to Mars as part of a joint mission between the European Space Agency and Russia's Rocomso. The rooftop and platform are equipped with measuring instruments for dust and atmosphere of the planet, before it is drained out. The mission of the mission is to find evidence of the dirt on Mars, the chemical signs of life, the biosignatures and the biological molecules.

Since Mars has an Earth above Earth, a site selection process is a lengthy process, depending on the ESA fact sheet. Such a site should be scientifically interesting. To maximize the level of the atmosphere, it should have a lower area to slow down the payout downstream, depending on its rockets and parachutes. It is adequate to stay safe and navigate the Rover.

The Oxia Plane is located on the north of Mars equator's equator. The channels that travel through the clay are signs of past water reservoirs and reservoirs with biological molecules.

The election process is a five-year process that started with the selected organization, and a call for nomination papers. The Oxygen Plan and Marthewells cut their options to the northern neighboring sites. Both the interesting science and the less diversified geologist with the Martha Vals, the Oxia plan became the winner.

Two potential landing sites
Graphic: NASA / JPL

Mission scientists can not locate precisely the location for landing, which creates an ellipse that serves the purpose of landing elements. In the elliptical, there is a free kick, in which there is only a crash in the corner, the size of which is Rhode Island. The possibility of a crater is relatively slim, said Dehant.

There's more successful landing than a good spot, and of course- you need to plan to get out. The Expoers shiaparell lander was damaged in 2016.

Choosing a landing site determines what kind of science of rotor you have to perform. Dehran Gizmodoc explained that the NASA Curiosity Rover is a very different oxygen plan from Gail Glarr. But they hope that the Oxia Plane will be a fruitful place to look for biodegradable.

Rover's experiments can only look through dirt, but there will be a suit of tools to study the planet's climate and atmosphere. Moreover, not only recent results from curiosis, but also the discovery of Earth's biological molecules and a strange seasonal variation in atmosphere methane.

Scientists who are interested in Mars's atmosphere are looking for the mission. They need to experiment in the work to do the job.

In 2016, Francesca Ferry, Principal Investigator of Atmospheric Mars Entry and Lending Investigation and Analysis Test, told Gizmodo that part of ExxMars. "This is the most important thing."

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