Sunday , March 7 2021

The first rain received centuries after the Atatama desert, does not die from life

Experts in the Atacama desert near the most dense horizon of the planet have found something very strange. According to new research, the rainforests in 2015 will destroy living microorganisms and completely change the region.

The co-author of Cornell University's Journal of Scientist Reports said in a statement: "When the rains in Atacama came, we were pretty flowers," but it contrasted with it. "The Hyperaric Camp in the Atacama desert decreased, and there was a huge disaster for the extinction of species of wild animals.

Before soil erosion was in dry soil, up to 16 different species of old microorganisms. After the rain, there were only 40 fish plants found in the lagons, and the extinction occurred.

The researchers say that heavy rains occur in millions of years of ancient hyperaric regions causing harm to most of the surface microorganisms. According to the group, the rapidly pouring of excess water, the normal operation of microorganisms is called "osmotic shock".

The same phenomenon occurred on June 7, 2017, due to the first rainfall in the centenary of Atacama's hyperyard, resulting in the change of weather around the body.

However, the discovery has a broader way to detect and understand how life on Mars has been generated. Many astronomers suggest the similarity between atomic and the Marsian surface.

Red planet The complex history of global climate change is about 4.5 billion to 3.5 billion years ago. Scientists say that large amounts of water have been retained on the surface. Mars is a year of desert, and it is like a desert. In many cases, this change was over 3.5 billion years ago, and the regions on the surface were interrupted by water pollution caused by the flood.

The authors of this new study have documented that the mysterious local ecosystem, which exists in some of the regions on Mars, has been subjected to drought and surface dissemination on the Martian surface 3.5 billion years ago. The isositotic subjects were subjected to stronger vigorous pressure than the athletic microorganisms reported earlier. "Since its early years, a review of liquid water on the surface of Mars has become an opportunity for local or local ecosystems to come back in areas where the Flood has been flooded. "

The negative results obtained with the instruments for finding life for the 1976 Viking landmarks indicate that the samples were collected in both tests, indicating the samples collected by Viking space probes. Multiple water solutions "

"These energy sources may not be subject to such high energy sources for at least millions of years, so their equipment and ingestion in the Viking experiments will first have asthmatic explosion, and the subsequent destruction of organic molecules," they added.

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