Thursday , June 8 2023

The ISRO intends to develop its orbit according to Venus's orbit


NEW DELHI: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) invites foreign experts to conduct Venus 2023. Space Agency has announced a chance for the International Agency (AO) to take up the task.

Within half of 2023, & # 39; Mission Venus & # 39; ISRO has invited international broadcasts for international rocket launch.

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The orbiter receives 12 devices, including a thermoc camera, mass spectrometer and cloud monitoring camera. The spacecraft can carry 100 kilos and provide 500 volts of electricity.

The solar wind eventually reached an orbits in the orbits of the planet, a few months later. In an elliptic orbits, the distance between the 60,000 km on the last surface and the 500 mile distance between Mars Orbiter Mission (MOOM).

This task will focus on the surface of the planet, the chemistry of the atmosphere and the study of solar energy from the solar system.

ISRO said in its statement on its website, "We requested suggestions from international sciences for novel space experiments to study specific areas of the science sector in summer.

This AO has a special purpose to identify the major scientific experiments that have strengthened and complemented the suite of India's earlier project projects from the IOO's Venus project. "

At present, the Planter exploration studies, the development of space science tools, the introduction of space-intensive experiments, facilities for testing and instruction carabinier will be provided.
ISRO has announced that it will accept suggestions till midnight on December 20, 2018.

The ISRO has said that it has discovered extensive research interests on Venus. It includes surface / sub-surface features, recurring surfaces, etc. Its atmospheric chemistry, dynamics, structural variations; Interaction with the solar wind and solar wind

In September 2014, India successfully created its history when Mars entered the orbit successfully. In the first attempt, Mars became the fourth space agency to enter the orbit of the red planet on Mars and the first country in the world.

ISRO's next Mars mission between 2018 and 2020 is Mangalion 2. The mission of Mars is to land on Mars.

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