Tuesday , March 9 2021

This giant geothermal flux is now part of the South Pole

This giant geothermal flux is now part of the South Pole

Henrik Thorbonn – CC BY 3.0

These precautions are like: The subject Started … and so did Not at all Stop the men (or dogs) involved. Scientists who study the Antarctic Ice Sheet in the South Pole have discovered a hot pott, according to the ILL Science report.

Research conducted by the British Antarctic Survey, published in scientific reports, and the study carried out radar data is below the sheet of ice sheets. "Underground Flu Active Act", as shown in the database, affects an area of ​​approximately 62 miles and 32 miles wide, which still melt. But scientists say that losing Antarctica in the near future is not anxious. The reason for the ice sheet is the radioactive rose and a combination of warm water from underwear and hot water below the water.

Image credit: British Antarctic Survey / Tom Jordan

"This was a very exciting process, to explore one of the last surveyed surveys in our survey," says Dr. Tom Jordan said in a statement. "Our results were very unexpected, because the region of Antarctica is believed to have been built by ancient rocky rockets, and the ice holders have little influence over the icebergs, even in the ancient landscape, influence the iceberg."

This handsets have been there for thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of years, and this is probably not possible for scientists to say. "We conclude that regional underground leaf coffers will become more extensive in eastern Antarctica," wrote a study published by authors. "Subglazer hydrology and ice sheet dynamics require new detailed geophysical observations to evaluate their effects, especially at the core of major ice sheets in deep ice core dosing."

Is it one of those deep-sea portals that are deep or jerked off the kayeu? Instead, we should accept it instead of a space force Place near the Pacific Ocean Geiger program started … Just in mind.

Image credit: Henrik Thorben – cc by 3.0

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