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Total solar eclipse on July 2: What you need to know is here


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Total solar eclipse / solar planet 2019: The total eclipse, which will be held on Tuesday, will be held in the Southern Hemisphere on the South Pacific Ocean. Here are the details.

Total solar eclipse / solar planet 2019: World Tuesday, July 2 will be ready to see full sun eclipse. The next solar eclipse will last for four minutes and 33 seconds. This is the only solar eclipse that will be held this year.

July 2 Solar eclipse is expected to last for a long time in August 2017, after taking two minutes and 40 seconds of solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will pass through the 6,000-mile route, however, only the Pacific Ocean and a narrow area in the south. According to one report, America comes in the path of perfection Weather Channel.

According to the report, solar eclipse will throw dark shadow in parts of Chile and parts of Argentina and in the remote areas of the South Pacific. Partial eclipse will appear in South America's neighboring countries.

According to the report, most of the eclipse will be on the Pacific, partial eclipse will be done at 12:55 pm. (At 10:25 PM Indian Standard Time).

When the sun, moon, and earth are in a very straight line, the sun eclipses that the moon prevents sun's rays from reaching the earth.

Most of the solar eclipse will fall on the Pacific Ocean, according to which at the east-east of Wellington, New Zealand, 2,175 miles (or 4,000 kilometers) south of Wellington will start locally at sunrise. Report

Umbra of the solar eclipse will remain in contact with the earth for 161 minutes, but during its final four minutes, it will reach at the local time at 04:39 local time in central Chili. From there, the shadow will move towards the east-southeast by mid-Argentina.

Prior to the arrival of the Rio de la Plata and Uruguay, the path of perfection will eventually come to an end and then it will lift the earth at sunset and return to space. Report added.

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Because the solar eclipse will come here in India, solar eclipse will not be visible in our country.

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